What car best describes you (or others)?

The people at Pixar thoroughly understood the idea that certain cars can have certain personalities associated with them. For instance, I briefly dated a gal in college that I would describe as being a Jaguar E-type. Why that car? She was an art major and had the personality/looks to match the artsy stereotype: quirky personality, somewhat ‘foreign feel’, slender figure (built for speed not comfort), capable of expressive passion, but in the end hopelessly high-maintenance and at heart undependable. Just like that Jag.

If you were a car what kind of car would best describe you? Feel free to describe others too - anyone married to a Chevy Suburban or Jeep Gran Cherokee?:smiley:

Today is car question day. 1959 Edsel ----- fairly different but without all the bugs. :smiley:

AMC Pacer for me.

Weird. Uncommon. Roundish. Little hair. And extra glassy…wait I mean gassy.

I was assigned 1965 Plymouth Belvedere at birth, but I have always identified as a 1963 Jaguar E-Type.

I’m average, forgettable, interchangeable with millions of other middle aged guys. I pretty much do what needs to be done with a minimum of either drama or enthusiasm. When I enter or leave a room, nothing changes. So… Toyota Corolla maybe? Honda Accord?

I’m pretty sure my girlfriend is a Mini Cooper.
I did a Google search on people who look like their cars and almost nothing came up!

My nomination for the ultimate accountant-mobile (dull but functional, somewhat ‘upscale,’ and efficient)…Lexus ES

Saab 93 Aero wagon. Slightly weird, practical and fun.

Plymouth Valiant. Attractive but not showy, has more under the hood than you think it does, low maintenance, fun to drive, keeps on going forever even if the body rusts out.

Oh yeah, and doesn’t keep up with the latest fashions.

1987 Subaru GL Hatchback. Not unattractive but not flashy, dependable, utilitarian, multi-purpose, you can take me anywhere as long as you’re not in a hurry to get there. Cheap and fun.

Hmm, guess I’m gonna have to be the short bus.

1958 GMC ¾ ton pick up. Not showy, but honest and capable…also becomes a classic with a bit of TLC. With a new paint job and tires, plus a bit of rebuild in the bed (I especially like wooden slats). Four on the floor with a 283 engine and transmission swap out that works wonders with my granny low. Definitely built for the heavy hauls.

I’m probably that mid-sized sedan Christopher Walken has been on about lately. Toyota Camry in something blah like silver.

I’m probably a VW Thing converted into a swamp buggy, married to a candy apple red '71 Chevelle Malibu convertible.

Reminds me of a song :slight_smile:


My (former) 1976 MGB convertible. It was white, had English antecedents, was faster than you’d expect, and was high maintenance. :smiley:

I was apparently engineered and assembled within sight of the Jeep plant, so at first I thought of the Jeep CJ. (You think I jest? Both my parents were engineers, my brothers and I think our parents made us with soldering irons.) AMC bought them out for a time and the Pacer was never made at that site, but it was first conceived in 1971 (as was I) and was a bizarre, outmoded, small but wide product of the 70s, efficient and aerodynamic. Perfect. I am the car dubbed the “flying fishbowl”.