What color does a smurf turn when you choke it?

Well I’m posting it anyway!

Well I personally have heard this question before and there are only 4 solutions I can think of to find out the answer to this question. We can:

[li]Find a smurf and choke it.[/li][li]Ask a smurf.[/li][li]Ask Gargamel (as suggested)[/li][li]Write the people who created this historical document and ask them if they ever saw the phenomena of a smurf being choked and if they have would they please write us post haste to tell us the answer.[/li][/ul]

Now the first two solutions are dependent on the knowledge of the whereabouts of at least one smurf. Unfortunately I don’t know af any smurfs locally so unless anyone does know where they are those two are out. Therefore we must ask Gargamel (who does not seem inclined to show up and answer us. Probably prefering to stay out of the limelight) or write the documentators.

So my humble suggestion is to write the documentators and let them worry about this questions so we might turn our minds to more important matters.

Like… What is the hokey pokey and what is it all about?


I see it now, " Uh, no Officer, I wasn’t speeding. No, I haven’t been drinking, either. That’s my beer moisturizer that I use to keep me looking fresh as a dais…WAIT…Hey, Those are handcuffs… It’s Heinikken. It’s good for bouncy hair too."

Heavens, Shirley, I surely didn’t mean to get you into trouble with my insane suggestions. If you need a character witness to stand up for you in court, I’ll be happy to oblige. I can see it all now-

“I am here to attest to the abstemious nature of my friend Shirley. I have NEVER even SEEN her take a drink of the demon alcohol, she is an good mother, sister, daughter, wife, member of the community and of Dopeville. What’s that you say? Dopeville? No, no, you don’t understand. Dopeville is not…what do you mean I smell like beer too? It is just a moisturizer for frugal Scottish people. You just don’t understa…GET AWAY FROM ME WITH THOSE HANDCUFFS! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

To get back to the topic of this thread, I respectfully suggest that all of you who think that Gargamel has any answers should consider the fact that said Gargamel was never able to catch/keep a smurf long enough to strangle it. We will need to find answers elsewhere, friends.