what color goes with masturbation?

May is national masterbation month. There’s a giant rock on my campus in front of the library that students often paint for special occasions. My friend Suzanne and I want to paint it in honor of next month, but we’re at odds as to what color it should be. I think white, and she says pink. Her boyfriend suggests black.
I’d like to take a vote–or listen to any other opinions.

Not pink. Maybe white.

I say you go with red.

Whoever says Purple as in “Purple Head Yogurt Slinger” or “Purple Helmeted Soldier Of Love” DIES!

I would go with either perl white or thigh shaking red.

Although I must admit that purple wouldn’t be a bad choice, since it IS associated with masturbation via the “Purple Head Yogurt Slinger” or “Purple Helmeted Soldier Of Love” references we all know and love so much. :smiley:

Come on ThisYearsGirl, you were just asking for it…

It would have to be black as Bashing The Bishop will definitely make you go blind.

I vote for pink, since any guy that masturbates has pink on his mind! You’ve already got the rock-hard dymanic going. :stuck_out_tongue:

White is to puritanical for sexual thoughts, and black is too deviant. Red is a good color for sex. Paint it red.

I’d do a dark color, let it dry, and then put white splotches all over it.

Pink was the first thing that popped into my mind when I clicked on the link. Go with pink. You’ll feel better about yourself.


I would think creme-colored.

What color is poontang?

Purple … because I was told it’s the colour of sexual frustration.

No, purple is the color of royalty. And if you had your own harem, you’re NEVER sexually frustrated.

Another pink vote.

I just felt that I needed to make * some * kind of appearance here.

You know what I’d vote for.

Well, carry on.

National masterbation month? Well, I’ll be quite willing to celebrate… But who declared this? When? And why May?

For half of the population, it would depend on the time of the month now, wouldn’t it?

I’d say purple - something about how the skin of the penis looks at a certain point.


I suppose it was declared behind closed doors somewhere…

May is when the weather gets a bit hot, the girls at college start wearing sun-dresses with the bikini bottoms underneath, a crisp Victoria’s Secret summer catalog arrives in the mail…hell how could a guy NOT masturbate in May!

To the OP: Pink. Hot Pink.

May is National Masturbation Month according to Good Vibrations. But I knew that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, who wants to sponser me in the Masturbate-a-thon on May 6? :smiley:

I recall a poem James Taylor’s father used to recite:
Hurray! Hurray!
The first of May!
Outside f*cking starts today!

Now, there’s a hand-carved sig if I ever saw one.