What color to paint my griffins?

These poor guys have had a rough time over the years. Both their wings were cracked and broken due to parties, dogs rowdying around and such.

I’m repairing them, but the concrete fix is a different color and at my new place, the cement gray color that is their normal shade is just kinda fadey against the wall.

So in order cover up the fix and make them stand out as they should, what color or finish would look good for them? I was thinking a matte black, but I dunno. Here is a pic of one of the guys. http://www.flickr.com/photos/miztinastuff/4107339516/in/photostream/. They stand right about 1.5 feet high.

Any and all ideas welcome!

I’ve used spray paint that leaves a grainy granite-looking look to the surface. It would cover the cracks and look more like stone than concrete. And it’s cheap!:smiley:

The City of London Griffins are red and silver