What comedy movie was this scene in?

A Catholic woman goes into the confessional and starts confessing her masturbation addiction; which leads to a more and more graphic exposition of her habits until the priest is rather discomfited.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen porn with such a scenario. Not quite “comedy” though.

Madonna goes to confession in A League of Their Own, but what she confesses is left to the imagination. The priest does come out disheveled and sweaty though.

It sounds familiar, but I can’t place it. I’d guess something vaguely in the slash movie parody genre, for some reason.

superstar with the lady that was on SNL?

Not a slasher parody but definitely a comedy.

A throwaway scene from one of the Porky’s movies?

It sounds a bit like Roberto Benigni’s scene in “Night On Earth”. He plays a taxi driver in Rome who picks up a priest. Benigni begins confessing his sins, then goes into his sexual experiences with pumpkins, sheep and his brother’s wife. Pretty hilarious as I recall.

Armpit sniffing might be a fetish one might confess to, but not your own armpits!

Is it lonely up there on your pedestal?

In case anyone is unclear, this is a reference to the Saturday Night Live character that flaming yawn alluded to, not to any poster here.

(and yes, I had to look it up).

Man, we really need nested quotes back…:smiley:

Quick googling makes it sound to me like The Counselor with Cameron Diaz. Maybe that’s it?

No, I think it was a farcical comedy.