What did I do to my computer? Facebook ?

All of a sudden I can’t post pictures on my fb page when trying to do so from my desktop computer. They don’t want to upload. However, doing so from my laptop doesn’t present any problem. What could I have done to my desktop that prevents me from posting pics?

Just to throw something else into the mix, my desktop has two users…me and my wife. She doesn’t experience this problem. All other fb functions work fine.

You’ve got to give a little more detail. What happens when you try?

After choosing the “Add Photos/Video” option the Windows “Choose File To Upload” window appears. I click to open the desired jpeg file and the space the photo is supposed to appear on my fb page is blocked out, but the photo is not uploaded. What is in the box, however, is the “x” to delete it. The “Post” option does not post anything.

Thanks in advance for any input.

PS: Interestingly, I can post pics to a recently created organization’s fb paqe for which I am the administrator.