What did you say?!

Post phrases or statements that a person transported in time from 10 years ago to today would find ominous. I’ll start.

“First Gulf War” (emphasis on ‘first’)

(and your own variation if you like. such as 10 years ago to 1940, or 20 years to today. As long as it is loosly relevant)

From 1990: He’s a much worse president than his father.
From 1990: I Googled myself last night.

“They’ve picked a design for the World Trade Center Memorial.”

Hey, I found a place that sells gas for $2.29 a gallon today! (and I’m happy about it)

“This is a really great little camera phone.”

“I need to get a bigger hard drive- 30 gigabytes isn’t enough anymore”

“Yesterday, Colorado and Wyoming fell to the Guatamalan army. 30,000 American and Russocanadian cyborg metasoldiers were deactivated as the Guatamalans-” whoops, that’s for someone from today transported 10 years in the future.

Bush II

640K should be enough memory for anybody. :smiley:

“Henry Rollins’ show on the Learning Channel”

“Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Superbowl Champions”

“That Christian Metal band, Megadeth.”

“After this break, we’ll review Madonna’s latest children’s book.”

“Gay couples line up around the block to get legally married.”

Academy Award winning directors Mel Gibson, James Cameron, Roman Polanski and Peter Jackson

Academy Award Winning actor Robin Williams

Academy Award winning actresses Helen Hunt, Kim Basinger, Hilary Swank and Jennifer Connelly

From Google News:


What’s this? Did Dave try to stir up some publicity by being born again or something?
“The new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie gets cast. No news on what the late author would have thought of the actors.”

On the subject of Megadeth:

Basically. He found Og, and is recasting Megadeth as a christian band.

On the bright side, he’s clean now.

If erections last longer than four hours call your doctor.

“Hello, Onstar? It’s me again. Can you unlock my car just one more time?”
“Hello, this is suzy Q from Onstar. I’m calling to to tell you that your gasoline fill door is ajar. Also, the guy from the gas station wants his hose back. Have a great day, thanks.”

“another worm started to spread across the web today”

all from 1990:

“What’s the terror alert level today?”
“My name is George W. Bush, and I approved this message.”
“Jason X (part 10?!): own it on DVD today.”
“Watch the season 14 finale of the Simpsons tonight.”

Did you watch Big Brother / Temptation Island / Survivor last night?

I do like the idea of trying to explain Governor Schwarzenegger. :smiley:

“I am thanking you for calling technical support. My name is Sanjeet. You will kindly explain your problem please.”

“2 BR, 1 BA, 800 SF, handyman’s special, up-and-coming neighborhood, won’t last, only $600K”

“The last new Oldsmobile ever rolled off the assembly line this month in Lansing …”

“Regular or low carb?”

“Today, officials from the Department of Homeland Security …”