What do you do? How much do you make?

Bouncing off the “What do you do for a living?” thread I’m curious of three things:

-What level of education do you have?
-What do you do for a living?
-How much do you make?

(This isn’t a thread to brag but to see what certain jobs pay and what education is necessary, so please be accurate with your figures)


4-year B.S. degree in Architecture

Jobs I’ve had:

Assistant Manager for big box retail, $40K/yr
Store Manager for mall music store, $42K/yr
Regional Inventory/Operations Manager for 10 small sporting good stores, $46K/yr
Inventory/Procurement Manager for Bio-medical manufacturing company, $66K/yr


4-year B.A. degree in costume design

Head of costume dept. for a dinner theatre, $22K/yr
Corporate Trainer for Annuity company, $40K/yr
Process Development Manager for Annuity company, $47K/yr

BA in Social Sciences, which has served no purpose other that to get me interviews.
Facilities Manager
Over $100K

Masters in Finance
Property Manager
Over $80K

Maybe I am wrong or old or whatever, but isn’t it considered rude to ask someone how much they make?

BS in Applied Behavioral Science

Director of Community Health for a nonprofit community center: $24,500
Special Needs Liasion with a company that held a state contract: $37,000
Program officer for a community foundation: Not too much more.

Let’s think about that for a minute…
I’m sure there are many different opinions on this, and here’s mine.

[li]This is a anonymous (mostly) message board which seems like a perfect forum for such talk.[/li][li]If it’s rude to ask someone how much they make, isn’t also rude to point out when someone is being rude? I would think the ‘polite’ response to this question would be to not acknowldege it at all.[/li][li]the who ‘don’t talk about salary’ is a valuable tool to help employers keep employees pay as low as possible. Knowledge is power[/li][/list]
I’ve been a software developer since 1988 or 1989 where i started at $20K in an assembler language training class. My high was 100K +, around 2001 or 2002, then the IT crash happened. I took 2 year sabbatical (went back to school), and I’m currently around 80K

BS in Computer Science

Middle Manager at a telecommunications company - currently at $105,000.

BA in Theater Arts
First job out of college (1990) paid $22,500

A few years later I went to law school & got my JD
First job in law (1998) paid $40k

Now I make between 3-4 times that.

Education: PhD in Life, Death and the stuff inbetween


Income: zero.

Degree: BA in Art History/Anthropology
Communications specialist (marketing dept for a small insurance company–writing, graphic design, marketing strategy, advertising, etc): $40K

Mr. m:
Degree: BA in English
Technical writer (large international corp that makes scientific equipment): $45K

I had always been raised to believe it was rude to ask someone how much they make. But this isn’t the specific “you”, only the generic you - no one need feel obligated to answer.

But I can’t see what on earth would be the point of sharing your salary on an anonymous message board. I am prepared to acknowledge my reticence is also due to my upbringing. See above.

Moreso in real life when you’re actually looking a person in the eye, and not asking people to voluntarily answer on a message board. . .which can be pretty easily ignored without taking offense.

BS in biochem.


Nowhere near what I deserve.

Oooops. In addition I have my VMD!

In some cultures I would guess. In my culture, no one cares and will tell you if you ask.

I’ll be entering my junior year of college come fall. . . so, I 'spose my degree would be “HS Diploma.” I work for my dad’s business, where I sign new clients, do taxes, incorporate businesses, and meet with the feds; my official title is something lame that I made up on the spot to put on business cards, “Client Services Representative.” I’m also a partial owner of the corporation (partial indeed-- about 5%).

Anywho, last years’ tax return was $8k. This year it will be closer to $20k because I am now getting commissions for signing new clients, as well as working a lot more.

Student right now, working on a simple AA in Health Admin, to get some basics before starting LPN school.
I work full time as a Certified Nursing Assistant and make around 16,000 K

Hmm, no wonder I never have any money left over to go to Tunica.

Education: High School Graduate.

Job: News room clerk at the local newspaper. On the track to becoming a journalist (without college).

I make: $10 an hour, but I’ve taken on a lot of work from the reporters so that they can actually report, and my six month review is coming up, so hopefully I’ll get a decent raise. I’m not allowed to have overtime.

I like my job, despite the fact that $10 isn’t very much. Although where I live, $10 is enough to live off of for one person, assuming they aren’t trying to buy a house.


I don’t mind answering, particularly since “should I be a librarian?” is always coming up on this board.

Masters’ degree

Public librarian


Masters degree

Violin teacher for the music service of a local eucation authority. US$31k, going by XE.com. Would be substantially higher if I had a teaching qualification, even though I’d still do the exact same job. (And my first real job, fwiw.) (And sooner or later I’ll be back to zero, because I want to do a PhD eventually.)

I’m a Creative Director

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

I’m currently making $71 grand