What do you have for breakfast?

I’m looking to expand my current breakfast selections.

My breakfast usually consists of either: cereal, dunkin’ donuts, fried eggs or a martini (breakfast of champions you know)*. Usually it is just cereal every morning until I realize I don’t have any milk or cereal. Then I go for eggs. I have donuts and coffee every Sunday.

I wish I could add something new to the line up. So tell me what you guys eat and then I’ll decide if there is anything else out there worth eating for breakfast.

*So I don’t really drink martinis for breakfast, but I could not resist the obscure reference.

Since I started Weight Watchers: 3 vegetarian sausages, a bowl of Maple Raisin Oatmeal, and a yogurt. Every day. Plus maybe a Rice Shake if I want a little extra fiber thrown in.

It’s not glamorous, but I’m shedding the lbs. and that’s the goal right now.

EAS AdvantEdge Coffee House protein shake.

Bacon or sausage and eggs, no taters, no toast, and never any grits. Sometimes an omlette, but those make good dinners, too.

Lowlowfat, sugarless yoghurt and crisp bread.

Porridge with either stewed apple and cinnamon, banana and nuts, or a milo breakfast shake sprinked over the top

Rolled oats, chopped fruit, a handful of nuts and seeds and non-fat plain yoghurt.

No holds barred brunch - pancakes, bomboloni or poached eggs on toast.

Today I had two cookies and a hot orange pekoe tea.

What kind of cereal do you have? The same kind all the time? You could mix it up with different kinds of hot cereal, or granola or museli. I also like different kinds of fruit (fresh and dried) on my cereal.

Usually, scrambled eggs with feta cheese and Tabasco, a piece of toast with jam, coffee, and a banana.
Or, a Belgian waffle with syrup, banana, coffee, and maybe some cottage cheese.

If I go out to a place like Denny’s, I’ll get the pancakes with cinnamon apple topping and an egg or two, and of course, coffee.

A big mug of strong tea, usually with milk & sugar.

This may be accompanied by scrambled eggs and toast, and maybe a couple of strips of Morningstar Farms veggie bacon. Or a Swiss cheese and salsa omelet. Or hot cereal, usually Irish oatmeal or that wonderful multigrain cereal from Trader Joe’s, with a liberal dollop of brown sugar. Or cold cereal, either Raisin Bran (Kellogg’s) or Uncle Sam. Or some Mintz’s Blintzes. Or a couple of English muffins with butter and blackberry jam (or lime marmalade).

Of course, the IDEAL breakfast is cold leftover pizza…but mine never lasts until morning.

Work days, I start with a bowl of oatmeal. If I’m out of oatmeal, I swipe some of my wife’s granola and my daughter’s yogourt :wink:

When I arrive at work the catered breakfast table is laden, so I grab a bagel (sesame seed or cinnamon/raisin) and slather it with cream cheese or jam, munch on a few veggies/pieces of fruit, and drink my second cup of OJ.

On my days off, I root through the fridge and get fancy. Which usually means dirty scrambled eggs (mushrooms, tomato, cheese mixed right in, along with whatever fresh herb is in the fridge).

I gotta agree with Biffy – leftover pizza is the BEST!

A hunk of baguette and real butter is pretty darned wonderful.

I don’t know what the equivalent is outside the US, but I like GrapeNuts (“Tastes like wild hickory nuts!”), either stirred into yogurt or, in winter, nuked with a little milk for 30 seconds to get it hot enough that a tablespoon of fruit spread will melt into it. Yum!

Pretty plain stuff for me.

  • Fruit (changes from day-to-day: apple, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberries, melon)
  • 1 slice of toast, sometimes with a slice of cheese melted on it.
  • Coffee

While I was unemployed breakfast was usually a pot of coffee. I’d never get round to eating food until noon. And then it was likely to be leftovers.

Now I have cold cereal. At the cafeteria it’s Total, Wheaties, or Cheerios (in that order, depending on what they have). At home I have shredded wheat with some fresh berries on it.

And only half a pot of coffee, due to time constraints. (Plus hot black tea at work.)

If my girlfriend and I go out for breakfast (one weekend morning every week or two), pancakes or sausage and eggs. And coffee.

It’s pretty much the same every day:

  • a bowl of sultana bran with low-fat milk;
  • two slices of toast with vegemite in summer or crumpets with vegemite in winter;
  • some orange juice
  • a piece of fruit. At the moment it’s a mandarin or an apple. It used to be a banana until they got too expensive.

And cheddar cheese! Toasted in the oven!

Unfortunately, I’ve been told Vegemite makes my breath smell bad; so I haven’t been eating it weekdays. And bad breath isn’t good with a g/f either. :frowning:

There are advantages to being unemployed!

I generally eat either:

  1. Bowl of oatmeal with dried blueberries

  2. 2 pieces of whole grain toast, natural peanut butter

  3. Whole wheat tortilla, egg beaters, salsa, spinach leaves

  4. Whole wheat tortilla smeared with peanut butter, heated and wrapped around a banana

Super Big Gulp Diet Coke from the 7-11 and an EAS/Atkins type bar.

Just about every morning.

I have a glass of grapefruit juice to wake me up while I make my breakfast. Here’s what I have then:
A slice of melon (Cranshaw is my favorite with a splash of lime juice over it)
Two pieces of toast (currently cinnamon raisin toast with honey butter)
Organic Sumatra coffee, made from freshly ground beans
Then I have a glass of water and take all my prescriptions and vitamins.

On Sundays I add two slices of crisp bacon and an egg that has been soft boiled, scrambled or fried.