What do you think of Krull?

It was on TV last night and a friend and I were discussing its merits. I don’t care for it especially. He thinks it’s a great epic, of a set with Dune. I’m curious what the Cafe thinks of this particular flim.

I’d say that comparing it to Dune is pretty apt. Whether that’s a compliment or not is debatable.

Krull isn’t fine theater, but when I was ten, it was the greatest movie in the whole world. Flying horses, space aliens, a cyclops, a disappearing castle, a giant killer spider, and that boomerang-like thing with the blades.

It’s got its flaws, but I loved it as a kid. And HBO would play it again and again and again…

I own it. It’s got some nifty cinematogrophy, some decent ideas and occassionally some decent execution.

It occupies a space right next to Clash of the Titans on my shelves.

I’ve never seen it, but I did star in the film.

I loved it as a kid, but I never watched it as an adult. Imho, I would rather cherish my memory than ruin it through adult eyes.

This. I remember is being slightly above average back then. Lets just leave it at that.

And in my mind. Campy, cheesy, but oh so good. I especially like it when the wizard gets possessed and his eyes turn all black. Good times.

I used to love it, but now I see how cheesy it really was.

Still, it does have Liam Neeson, Lysette Anthony (badly and horribly dubbed), Alun Armstrong, and Robbie Coltrane in it, amongst other fine British talent.

Camp classic, up there with Plan 9 from Outer Space.

It’s no Flash Gordon.

I learned this lesson after tracking down a copy of “The Last Starfighter.” When I watched it again, I realized how little actual action there was. There’s only 1 space battle, the rest is all stupid 80’s comedy and cheap jokes about people who live in trailers.

Films that sucked after I grew up:
Return of the Jedi
Big Trouble in Little China (Can’t watch it without thinking of Sex in the City)
Anything with Jean Claude Van Damme except Bloodsport
The Color of Money (Why was the editing so horrible?)

Other films I’m trying to avoid:
The Last Dragon
Enter the Ninja
Clash of the Titans
Indy 1-3

Films that actually got better after I got older:
Short Circuit
The Chinese Connection
The Matrix
The 5 Deadly Venoms
The Empire Strikes Back
Godfather 1-2

I thought it sucked a whole lot. And I liked Dune, sorta.

Both have Francesca Annis (Lady Jessica in Dune and the Widow in the Web in Krull). But yeah, I’d say Krull was pretty standard 80s fantasy.
Oh and I will have words with anyone who says Big Trouble in Little China sucks at any age.

If I put a post it over that chick from Sex in the City, it’s fine.

And Freddie Jones.

Romancing the Stone

and it’s illegitimate sequel.

But a bit less gay.

1 and 3 still kick ass.

Was Krull the movie where the Cyclops fought against his own destiny in order to save the hero, and ended up being squashed to death?