What do you want for Christmas/Hanukkah?

Based on this thread. So, assuming you exchange gifts, what do you want your SO to get you?

I’ve asked mine not to bother, but he will, so I’ve asked for a gift certificate to Fleet Feet, a specialty running store. I know I won’t get it, though, because he gave one to me several years in a row and hates giving gift certs. It’s too bad because that’s the only thing I want.

If I were to get anything else, it would be for my husband to arrange for a cleaner to come in once every week or so or for him to arrange for me to be able to take a work out class once every weekend (basically I want time). I know I won’t get either of these, because he feels ill equipped to find someone to clean the house and our daughter is a month old. I’ve told him I don’t mind waiting until she’s at least 3 months or I can leave a bottle of breast milk for him to feed her, but he’s afraid to take care of both our kids at the same time. These last two are what I asked for for my birthday. Instead I got Pirates of the Caribbean, something he’s wanted for a while. Oh, well. It was a fun movie. And I went into labor that night, so having our daughter was a good gift.

peace, love and understanding

An Aerogarden. But I think I won’t be getting one of those until my birthday. :frowning:

Oooh! What a good idea. My sister has one and she loves it. When is your birthday? How long do you have to wait?

Oh it’s not too bad. My birthday is in March so I’m sure the Birthday Elf will make sure I have one in my birthday stocking. :stuck_out_tongue:

A warm winter coat. (Although I really could use that before Christmas rolls around.)

I would like to have some things fixed. My car needs a new fender, for example, and there is an interface between the dining area floor and the living room floor which needs … a threshold or something. But I have too much stuff as it is. :slight_smile:

I want neat sewing books or patterns. For my birthday, I compiled a list of the specific items for him to pick from, and I just told him that I would love something else from there. The stuff I want tends to be quite specialized, and has to be ordered. It was nice for my birthday, it was still a surprise but I knew I’d be happy with it.

A space heater for the bathroom, it’s like peeing in the yard for Christsake.

Fix the damn dripping tap in the kitchen it is going to drive me insane. (I’m thinking rounda bout some February, but I could be wrong.)

I just want him to be home. He travels a lot for work.

I want a Suburu WRX with a super-charger, six-speeds, leather and two sets of wheels.