What do you wear when you want / need to look great?

There have been a few fashion-related threads here lately, and it got me curious- what do you wear when you have to (or want to) look really good? I realize that it will vary given the circumstances. I have a black suit with a fairly short skirt that is very flattering and I wear it when I want to look great and feel put together. I also have a pair of black leather pants (yeah, I know, flame away) that are hideously inappropriate for my age, but what the hell.
How about you?

Mmmmm…leather pants…Mmmmmmm.

Seriously, I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing leather pants…provided you provide a picture.
My feedback: I would elect to wear one very sharp dark colored suit…or a tux.

For everyday looking nice I put on a pair of tight, tight, tight blue jeans and brown or black boots, and a tank top.
For “dressing up” looking nice I’ll put on a grey shimmery skirt and some black heels and a nice shirt, or a pair of maroon, beaded tight pants and a black velvet halter top with bead fringe. Yummy.

Hmmmm . . . Evening great or daytime great? This has changed a lot since I became a Middle-Aged Society Dowager and can’t wear slinky, slit frocks anymore . . . I guess a knee-length straight skirt, tucked-in cotton or linen blouse (with discreet cleavage), good pearls, nice leather cinch-belt and 3" heels. Quiet, simple and appropriate for a lady of a certain age.

Dress up: wool blazer, silk shirt with pearls, and a nice wool skirt and heels.

Dress down: my old rather well fitting Levi’s and a white V-neck t-shirt. Simple but effective.

I have my lucky Friday underwear.

When I wear them, I FEEL great and therefore i look better.

They are purple with a picture of French Fries on them and they say “Friday.”

They came in a set and Tuesday was for Tacos, Monday was Muffins, Wednesday was Waffles and Sunday was Sundae.

I have a black suit jacket that makes me feel rather awesome. I usually wear it with a long black skirt, and a really nice silver necklace.

For the more casual look, I have these V-neck T-shirts that feel great.

…must resist temptation to pimp t-shirts for sale bearing my website’s logo on them as “looking great”…

Whew. Okay.

In all seriousness, I have a very cool-looking blue shirt and tie combo that’s quite dapper. Actually, I’m just bringing it up because I just like saying “dapper”. But really, it is dapper.

I need to look great when I need to feel good about myself. That’s messed up but it’s for another thread.

At the moment I’m almost four stone overweight, so I wear my blue non-iron shirt loose. I am fortunately relatively good-looking in the right light and fat doesn’t really show on my face. From the waist down… I’ve never really got round to being choosy. Some kind of trousers, I suppose.

When I’m slim I look pretty cool in a suit. I have a couple of three-pieces that make me look really overdressed. I would also willingly wear the Campbell outfit from my wedding, with full plaid (ie big swishy shoulder thing) and big knife. But as they start at £700 it may be a little way off. Plus I looked like a little boy on his first day at school. I ALWAYS look like that! Help me! How do I look cool?

(sobs gently)

Anything. :slight_smile:

It depends on what you mean by looking great. For formal wear, I have a beaded black dress that I wear with strappy black sandals. For looking hot, I wear either tight jeans or leather pants with my boots, and a little t-shirt or a nice top.

Or nothing at all, right?
Me, I never look great, so I don’t know. In the rare instance that I’m going out to a club or a party, I just wear jeans, high-heeled boots and a western shirt (with a little tank-top under it). That’s really as dressy as I get. I have a [Cake] short skirt and a looooooong jacket [/Cake] in case I need to wear a suit or something some day.

I have a Third Millenium skirt made of 100% silk with light purple blossoms on a white background that I wear with a white singlet. I usually wear it with a cerulean lambswool/angora cardigan, a silver bag and silver heels.

If I want to go a little more casual, I wear indigo jeans, black ankle boots and a cute singlet.

I love clothes!

I have to admit, for a guy I’m a bit of a clotheshorse (and unlike most of my friends, I actually enjoy clothes shopping). I’ve got a couple of different things that I really enjoy wearing. For semi-dressy days, I’ve got black flat-front trousers and a couple of favorite long-sleeve dress shirts (a couple in French blue, one in a sage green and two new ones in a neat waffle weave from Structure [those last two are more for going out than for going to work, though]). And a pair of monk-strap black shoes - pretty snazzy.

For less dressy days, I usually go with an oxford from the Gap and a pair of khakis. (I really like cargo pants, but I can’t seem to find a pair that fit well.)

For really casual occasions, I’ll usually wear a gray v-neck ribbed t-shirt and some baggy jeans with my favorite Skecher boots. (I don’t know how Skechers does it… they make great boots, they’re cheap as hell and last forever.)

Dressy occassion (but not dressy enough for my tux, which we’ve covered before in another thread): Dark navy pin stripe suit, crisp white cotton shirt with straight collar, maroon tie, braces, and black cap toed oxfors shoes with razor thin sole. A pressed white pocket square goes in the breast pocket of the suit.

A date, not requiring a tie: Black, pleated trousers, black crew neck cashmere sweater (again, inherited from my father-in-law, who has more money than style - he hated the sweater), sport coat with very tiny light brown and black checks, black tassel loafers.