What does the Pope do with his free time?

Well, I’ve always wondered what the Pope does when he’s not leading the masses. Does he go to restaurants? Movies? Does he move about with the people? Does he (in healthier days) go shopping? Go out with friends?

Then I ran across this article (which really makes me giggle):

Does all his entertainment, etc. come to him? I know he’s got a big place to live, but wouldn’t that get a little monotonous after a while? Does anyone know what he does with his free time?

I heard he’s QB on the Vatican Hacky Sack team. No cite, though.

Being that he’s so elderly and not in good health, I wouldn’t be surprised if all his entertainment comes to him. I don’t know what he does - probably reads, maybe he has a penpal, perhaps he posts on the Straight Dope. I dunno. :slight_smile:

He used to ski; until a decade ago or something…

…the Pope has free time?

I figured he was like the President: busy, busy, busy. I mean, a guy with his international profile and responsibilities has got to be rockin’, morning, noon, and night, I would think…

Me and some mates used to go round to his gaff in Rome every now and again for a few games of Unreal Tournament but to be honest we haven’t been round in ages. It just got boring after a while because he always won:

“There he is! He’s got the Flag! Shoot him!”

“I’m not shooting him!”

“Why not?!”

“He’s the fecking Pope! Its probably a sin or somethi…FECK!!”

“What’s wrong?!”

“He fecking shot me!”

Hmmm - are you trying to tell us something,Magickly ? Or should I say - Your Popeness??!

Hmmm…I haven’t seen Cardinal posting since JP2 got so feeble…

Prank calls the Dalai Lama.

My wild guess is that he spends a lot of his free time in prayer and meditation.

It’s terrible, but the first thought that popped into my head when I saw this thread title was, “Masturbates.”

A sure sign that I’m going straight to hell.

According to his photographer: “Free time does not exist for the pope. This is the reality—prayer, work, work, prayer. Here, this is the life of the pope.”


What’s with all the reverence for the pope? He’s just a normal person. No more elevated then the homeless man on high street who shakes an empty mountain dew cup in my face saying “any lil’ bit, any lil’ bit’!”. feh.

I bet he catches Judge Judy more then people think.

It’s all in the hat Brandus. It’s the hat.

I’m thinking the old dude mostly naps in his spare time.

Nice, Rue, very nice.

Q.N., of course he does. How do you think the term “beating the bishop” was coined?

I always heard he likes to go take shits in the woods. Nothing like a nature dump to clear your papal head. Rumor has it that if no one’s around, his shit doesn’t stink.

Internet porn. You know Vatican City’s got killer bandwidth.

He’s more of a mover and a shaker. OK, not so much moving anymore, but he’s still a shaker. Well, that’s just the Parkinsons…