"what ever happened to.." a new game

you know those movies where at the end they show the characters with a brief description of what became of them?

Here’s your chance.
Take the person who posted above you and tell us what happens to them later in life.

Bad News Baboon was unfortunately killed by one of the participants of his matchmaking “crush” attempts. Forensic pathologists are still trying to remove the staples.

Eutychus later became a moderator for the Al Queda network. While sailboating near Key West, Florida during vacation, Eutychus was lost and never found. Portions of the wrecked sailboat were found on Dry Tortugas Island.

Tragically, Violet was killed by viscious gang members whom she was only trying to warn about their headlights being off.

In what was a surprise to no one, Jack Batty was beaten to death by a giagantic penis while trying to find out how long it took to go from Chicago to Cincinnati.

Sadly, Jack Batty failed to heed the warning in his own sig, thus giving W.A. Duck the easiest set-up ever.

Damn you Hamlet! For that:

Hamlet took his own username too literally and was arrested while trying to dig up poor Bob Yorick for dramatic prop purposes.

Epilogue :
Presumed dead after being separated from a Safari deep in the Congo, Why A Duck survived to become the mate of Mugus, a silverback Mountain Gorilla. Tales of a silverback with a less-than-willing human mate circulate among the locals to this day, but are rarely taken seriously by zoologists.

Waverly ran away to join the circus but found no love on the trapeze. He flew to Japan but found no love among the geishas. He fled to Libya but found no love among the sand dunes. He went to the Iowa but found no love among the corn, only farmers farming. And then he came home and lived happily ever after.

No that sucked somebody do a better one for Waverly.

Naw, yours is just dandy.

Osiris was later found stripped of his all clothes, left to roam the streets of Waikiki naked. It is thought that the burly naked woman on the tenth floor on took umbrage at his peeping-tom act. :wink:

Although he achieved a measure of local fame as television spokesman for Uncle Willy’s Spicy Beer Battered Pork Feet, Narrad never really felt comfortable in front of the cameras. He now lives in Hudiksvall, Sweden where he is known simply as ‘Nancy’.

Inspired by the first Indiana Jones movie, Radio Wave embarked on his own quest to find the Ark of the Covenant. However, a brief stop in Des Moines, Iowa resulted in his luggage being stolen by a small hobo. In an effort to recoup his lost funds, he has volunteered to be a guinea pig in a science lab.

Radio Wave was last seen, 50 feet tall, rampaging through downtown Des Moines. The army expects to defeat him shortly.

ResIpsaLoquitor briefly reached stardom as the host of the acclaimed talk show “Let’s Us Mock Someone,” but retired at the peak of his career claiming a sudden allergy to spandex. To avoid contact with the public, ResIpsaLoquitor changed his name, had plastic surgery, and disappeared.

Rumor has it that famed erotica author “'Tis A Squirrel Poo” is Res’ new identity, based on similar personalities and the anagrammed names.

While walking in the park, ResIpsaLoquitor sadly became the first human victim of a Boeing Bomb. Since hair grew quickly over the airplane refuse, ResIpsaLoquitor has been traveling in Freaks Are People Too traveling show!. Comming soon to a fairground near you!

While a member of the studio audience at a taping of the Jerry Springer show, **d12’s[b/] life was tragically cut short after being hit with a thrown chair that was being used to make the point that just because a woman marries the guy who was sleeping with her daughter to prevent her from making a terrible mistake doesn’t make her any less of a skank ho.

Eutychus, met his demise when he flung himself off a bridge, after being tormented by the ghosts of Bad News Baboon, who took exception to him refering to her, as a guy.

To skip back a few posts…
BraheSilver made unprecedented advancements in time travel experiments. His current location is unknow, as he disappeared from the laboratory one night, leaving only the numbers 10 24 1601 scratched hastily onto a piece of paper.

Rob Graham quit his job to join the pro wrestling circuit. Known as Rob “The Ram” Graham, he became the XPCXXLWF heavyweight champion and held the title for 13 years before tragically passing away during an in-ring stunt involving an eskimo, three Christmas trees, a time machine, and a three-toed sloth. (the full details are too gruesome to publish here; for more information, read his biography, available at fine book stores everywhere.)

-Dirty Earthworm

Mom will be so proud that I made something of my life…