"You last visited: 03-01-2005"

Well, it’s been over 5 years since I’ve logged in…

What have I missed?

A black man was elected President.

Oh oodles! The octopus, the goat, the horror of blimps, the cow mutes, the guy who thought European nobility was all black, the pedobear, All KINDS of bannings!

Sounds about right…


We’ve been here all that time. The more important question is: What did WE miss?

Three words: Hal, Briston, and sheep.

There was a lucky draw for [Dr.Evil]One Million Dollars![/Dr.Evil] a couple years ago, your user name came up first but since you were not around the next one got the prize. Sorry.

Oh, yeah. Whatever did happen to Ad Noctun and his money?

Yes, that was a funny episode.


For 20 minutes. :dubious:

A bunch’a dopers got married. A bunch’a dopers had babies. A bunch’a dopers got divorced. In no particular order.

Me and my money? Did I have money at one time? Or just lotsa ladies on me all the time in a manner which would make one think that they thought I had money… which could infer to others, subconsciously, that I did in fact have money.

Well… I’m a photographer now, and broke as I’ve ever been. XD

Flying cars. We all have flying cars now.

And jetpacks.


There is that whole “Be a Moderator For a Day!” program, but since it’s alphabetical by user name, and we’re in the "B"s now, you’re out of luck.

A bunch of new people you’ve never heard of registered.

Loads of things occurred, some quite controversial. But they all came out in the wash and were, it turned out, inconsequential.

We remain the status quo.

Hi Adam! :slight_smile:

And some died, too. :frowning:

Oh, and Cecil has been deposed in a bloody coup. Coincidentally, the new guy’s name is also Cecil Adams, so no one noticed.