What_Exit, this is what thread-shitting looks like

What_Exit, this is what thread-shitting looks like.

Also, this is what a personal attack looks like. Your job was to warn that poster, not sympathize with him.

And I am not thread shitting by responding to other Dopers who comment on my posts or those who make the same arguable assertions that have been repeated without offering new information, not to mention that is not all that I did in the thread either.

You then fail to moderate the thread any further, find no problems in the same kind of posts made by others. Clearly you lack the objectivity to be a moderator, you can’t separate your own opinions on a subject from your moderation, and you are taking the views I express in my posts as personal attacks on you.

I am asking the other mods to take careful note of this thread since What_Exit has a pattern of banning me from threads and I would like an opportunity to respond to his imaginary rule violations.

Personally, I like a little subjectivity in my moderators. What_Exit isn’t always right, but they’re right more way often than they’re not.

Like this one - that whole thread is toxic now, but you started it. Own it, rather than play “But Daaaad! I wasn’t touching him!”

What a tedious mess of nerdery that thread is. What_Exit deserves a goddamn medal for putting up with all that crap.

That was not a personal attack. It was a complaint about your behavior.

While I love (and identify with) the phrase “tedious mess of nerdery”, having read the first half of the ‘Christmas film’ thread I have to say I agree with the OP in the first instance. They started the thread with no mention of Die Hard - the new thread stands on its own. The first response looks like an attempt to shut down discussion, although arguably it does provide a data point for the new thread.

Having said that, I agree with MrDibble in that in my opinion What_Exit is normally an excellent moderator. No-one is perfect all the time. And as to the OP’s second point, meh - I don’t care to take sides in that one.

What @What_Exit said was that you were bordering on threadshitting, not that you actually were. It mostly just seems to me that your replies were getting heated, to the point of acting like the others were clearly wrong to dare like the series and to see in it things that you don’t. That’s why the comment where someone was exasperated at you doing so was not modded.

CS isn’t GD. You can discuss your preferences without coming off as people are wrong for liking the show. Tone has a lot to do with why the same arguments can be seen as a taste issue or trying to start a fight.

I actually can see your point, due to how the show is being released. Episodic releases usually do follow the pattern you described. It was only the advent of releasing all the episodes at once that led to not having each episode function as its own complete story while also furthering an arc.

Reading that thread, my post did border on a threadshit. That was 4 weeks ago and I’m not sure what I was thinking at that time. I will however apologize. I’m sorry about that post. (Note I wasn’t modding, that was a crappy post as a poster).

As to a pattern of banning you from threads, I recall banning you from a specific Woody Allen thread, was there another? Is there a chance it is you and not me? Would you consider that possibility.

I didn’t even ban you from the WandaVision thread, I just suggested you might want to refrain. Your posts were pushing the line of jerkish, I didn’t see any others that were except the one I modnoted.

I am not required to warn people if they offend you. I try to take circumstances into the picture and past history. You probably don’t see it but you were being very jerkish in the Wanda thread.

Since it was brought up, I have noticed some new mods tend to insert their personal opinions into moderator notes. I don’t think it’s a good idea. It just fans the flames of people feeling like they’re being discriminated against for their views. I’m sure the mods are trying to be fair regardless of their opinions. But it’s that old saw about not only avoiding inpropriety, but also avoiding the appearance of inpropriety.

I haven’t read any more than the linked post in the WandaVision thread and the one right above it.

With that caveat, I agree with What_Exit. People should not be asked to leave threads about shows or other artistic works because they express dislike or criticism, even if that criticism is relentlessly negative. When you’re talking about something creative, expressing dislike or criticism should not be considered threadshitting. It’s also confusing because I think in that post What_Exit said that the ending was okay. That’s not even a negative comment.

Was everyone but me threadshitting the WW84 thread because they all hated it? Or was I threadshitting because I was the only one who liked it?



My response after reading this was WTF! Completely agree.

I’m not completely sure the response on the 2nd linked thread was out of line. I’d call it borderline.

Maybe What_Exit is forgetting to take his mod hat off when participating on the board?

Sheesh. I meant to stay that I agreed with Tripolar.

No modhat in that linked thread and I just apologized for my shitty post earlier in this thread. I agree that was borderline threadshitting.

No modding that I recall was done in that thread by me towards you. You did drive me from my own thread with your dozens of posts telling the rest of us that we were wrong to not like the movie. (If you can’t tell, I’m clearly saying this as a fellow poster.)

We are talking about the principle here. “I didn’t mod you” doesn’t address the point.

If you offer a reasoning for your opinion, it’s valid for me to analyze the basis for that opinion.

I didn’t say you’re wrong to have that opinion. I said some of the support offered for that opinion was, in my opinion, weak and flawed. And I offered my justifications for why I held that opinion. You were free to disagree, and many people did.

If that drives you from the thread then I think that’s your problem. I’ve never been driven from a thread because someone disagrees with my opinion or my basis for that opinion.

I mean, someone told me straight up that I have bad taste. Fair enough. It’s not really a great argument and not really worth trying to counter, being ad hominem. That didn’t send me crying wee wee wee all the way home.

You took over the thread in that case. I didn’t give a crap about your opinion, I stopped enjoying the thread as you had basically hijacked it and made it about you. So I left. No enjoy, no reason to read. Just unsubscribed and done. It was all yours.

I don’t remember ever having a problem with you in any other thread for any reason, but the one you brought up, well you basically ruined the thread for me. No biggy, I had already forgotten it. It was just a bad movie I saw as part of my HBOMax deal.

I’m not sure why you brought it up here as it had nothing to do with modding.

I think Acsenray is trying to say es* posts in the WW84 topic do not constitute thread-shitting, and sees es posts as similar to Tripolar’s posts in the WandaVision topic, and therefore disagrees with your mod note to Tripolar in the WandaVision topic.


* As I understand it Acsenray prefers “es” instead of “his” or “her”.

Yes. I brought it up because unless I’m mistaken at least one of the topics of this thread this “what is threadshitting”?

I’m saying that from what I read of the WandaVision thread, Tripolar should not be accused of threadshitting. I brought up the WW84 thread as an example of something else I do not consider threadshitting.


* As I understand it Acsenray prefers “es” instead of “his” or “her”.

That’s not quite correct but it’s fine. If you are interested in further discussion on that topic, I’m happy to address it in a different thread.

I accept your apology, thank you. I really hoped this wasn’t something personal so with that concern out of the way I guess we can discuss this reasonably.

Thank you.

I don’t think I really know who you are. I recognize your username for being around about as long as me, but outside of the Woody thread that’s about it.

The modnoted post in the Wanda thread doesn’t mean a automatic warning. I tend to try not to give warnings but lean heavy on modnotes. I will absolutely admit your posts in that thread were getting annoying, thus my suggestion.

As a poster, I think I might just stay out of the superhero TV/movie threads for now on. The discussions clearly are not to my liking.

I’m not clear on the distinction you are making here. If you argue that someone’s arguments are wrong, are you not arguing their conclusion is wrong? If someone is telling you why they didn’t like something, and then you say their reasons are “weak and flawed,” how is that not saying they’re wrong to hold that opinion?

It seems to me that this is a taste issue, and taste issues aren’t really debatable. People will share their reasons, and you can say why those reasons aren’t compelling for you, or even say you don’t see something that way, but ideas like “weak and flawed” don’t make a lot of sense. No one is trying to argue that you should agree with their reasons for not liking something.

That said, there are threads where people like to have “debates” about fictional works, as part of the fun. And there are threads where they just want to share opinions. And I understand why it can be hard to tell the difference. But if someone is trying for the latter, and the thread becomes more like the former, I fully understand why choose to leave the thread.

In short, people don’t necessary state their reasons so that others will argue with them. Not on taste issues, at least.

That said, my impression is that none of this has to do with the mod note. But you can read my previous post on why it made sense to me. I don’t think @What_Exit was actually accusing @TriPolar of threadshitting. That word “borderline” is important.