What halloween Candies are you recycling?

What candies that your kids get are you recycling into the bowl of candy that you give out?

My wife bought Reese’s singles and a bunch of other “top shelf” candy for the kids in the neighborhood. She never buys Reese’s singles for her husband or her own child, but I digress…

My plan is to trade in all of my kids Almond Joys, Mounds, generic peanut butter cups, lollipops, skittles and smartees (list subject to change, depending on what else he gets) and get some of the good candy my wife bought. The volume of the bowl will remain the same, the contents will change, though, so it’s not really like I’m taking candy out of the trick-or-treater’s bags, right? At least I’m not giving out apples or granola bars…

What’s getting “re-gifted” tonight at your house?

Candy Corn. But that doesn’t count, since its all from the original batch from the 50’s.

I regifted some sour liquid candy that comes in a plastic brain, and the preteens were fighting over it!

I value my fingers too much to let my hands stray too close to my kids’ haul of candy. This decision was made when they were young and fearless… now that they’re teenaged and rebellious, I wouldn’t in my nightmares imagine depriving them of their swag.