What happened to AudreyK?

…okay, look: I appreciate some of the posters here as much as anybody and I have voiced it in the appropriate threads. But why no “appreciation thread” for the always charming, incredibly sweet, huggably adorable (or is that adorably huggable?) AudreyK? Here’s someone who’s as bright and caring and thoughtful as anyone here, but no one’s dedicated a thread to her? Since it is shamefully obvious that I have a crush on her (she is, after all, one of my “guilty pleasures”), I figured I shouldn’t be the one starting anything here. But come on people! Let’s hear it for the Audge!
Silent_Rob, KKB, CnoteChris and the rest of you Dopers…I think we all owe it to AudreyK to declare our devotion!

AudreyKakes: You are one in a bazillion. Giant hugs and sloppy kisses!!!

To my little Mac geek, cologne sniffer, and surprisingly mercenary guardian of my honor, I appreciate you. [sub]Except maybe for your blatant attempts to sell me off to Esprix.[/sub]

May your ladies always be bare naked and your fonts, um, fonty. Much happiness your way AudreyKins.

Here here.

I hate these threads with a passion. I tend not to even open them up. But when I saw ole Audicans name pop up, I felt compelled to take a peek and post.

Besides, my best cat and confidant ‘Z’ is sitting at my side with a look of, “If you don’t acknowledge my sister dear out there, and write something good and nice right now, you’ll be waking up in a world 'o pain tomorrow buster!” (Females with claws make me attentive to their thoughts and needs real fast).

You’re one of a kind Audrey.

‘Z’ and I send our very best.

I’ll get your back on that. I appreciate Audrey for being another Mac stalwart, and just an all around good person. Plus, because of the time difference, she’s usually one of the few people on the boards at the same time I am.

So here’s a “¡Viva la Mac!” for ya, Audrey.:slight_smile:

poohpah chalupa, I’m so touched that you’d start a thread like this for me. To be held in such high esteem by someone as sweet and good as you is an honor.

I’ve got the biggest smile on my face now. Thank you. :slight_smile: {{poohpah chalupa}}

KKB, thank you, too. You know, I just might rethink my asking price for you.

[sub]Hey! Stop ::giggle:: tickling me!! No fair!! ::dissolves into a giggling, ticklish puddle on the floor::[/sub]
Cnote! Thank you. I know your distaste for these threads, so I’m even more pleased to see your post.

Tell Z I love her. :smiley:

Just saw your post, Lux. Thanks! :smiley:
Titanium PowerBook G4… ::drools::

I would have posted to this thread immediately, but unfortunately I just got home.
I’ve said it before, and I simply cannot say enough how much Audrey means to me. She is really an amazing person and I’m very thankful that she’s a friend of mine. And she has been a wonderful friend to me.
Audrey, for the conversations that have gone on for hours and hours, for listening to me when I needed someone, and for everything, thank you.

This space is reserved for the affection I have for you that can’t be put into words; a moment of silence from silent_rob.


Sheshh rob, get all mushy on us.

Awww, shucks, rob. :slight_smile:


She loves Barenaked Ladies and Macs. Is there a higher level of perfection?

Keep on posting, Audrey!

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Hey, I’m a cow, I’m curious,
Hey, watch me now, I’m furious,
Hey, I’m a cow, I’m full of hate,
Hey, watch me now, I’m on your plate…

A fellow BNL fan! Yay! Thanks, SanibelMan!

And I had a feeling other Mac users would be stopping by. :slight_smile:
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So enthusiastic, a little bit drastic
I shaved her name in my head.
And as she beheld it,
she said I’d misspelled it.
Need more be said?