What happened to Bridget Fonda?

She hasn’t done anything in 5 years according to IMDB. Has she said what she’s been up to in any interviews at all?

I’m not sure but you may find your answer in Cafe Society which is where this thread belongs. :wink:

She’s actually been very busy inhabiting my fantasies. I’ll let you know when she becomes available.

Yeah, I realized that this may be the wrong forum after I hit Submit. Sorry guys. :frowning:

Well, according to IMDB she married Danny Elfman in 2003 and they have had a child. Maybe she just wants to be a mother for a while.

Wait, wait. She married this?

I don’t know whether to feel hope or despair.

Maybe she’s an Oingo Boingo fan.

She did something before five years ago?

Color me stunned.

Hopefully, taking acting lessons.

That makes her Jenna Elfman’s aunt by marriage!

According to this site

I know! She stole my future husband! (although having seen that photo, perhaps I dodged a bullet…) :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s better. Whew. I can continue mourning my loss.

Damn. Ever since I saw Oingo Boingo in concert I vowed that he would one day be mine. Guess now that they have a kid it’s too late for me.

Unless I’m misremembering, she was also in a fairly bad car accident a couple of years back.

Nope, I’m not, at least according to the always-accurate IMDB mini-bio.

She had back injuries, which might have slowed her down a bit, then she had kids, which definitely would have.

I say you and I get in there and break up this marriage, dividing the spouses between us. (We’ll just have to toss a coin for the kid.)

:elbows Alma out of the way:

I got dibs! spoke-, the kid is yours. Really.

Is Danny Elfman a $cientologist?