What happened to seeing who has viewed your profile?

I wasn’t quite sure how to search for this, so I don’t know if it’s been already asked, but I can’t seem to find the area of my CP where it told me who’s been looking at my profile. Has it been disabled, and if so, why? I thought it was a really cool feature.

I think a lot of people may have got spooked out by it. Saying that, I had a fair few on my “To Stalk” list, and was a little disappointed to see it disappear!

I didn’t like it, because sometimes I mistakenly click on the OPs name when I’m aiming for the thread link.

Huh? Are we talking about the same thing?

I think you are talking about the same thing. If are clicking on a thread title to open it, and you accidentally click on the name of the OP that’s right under it, it takes you to their profile. I’ve done it before accidentally, too.

Yup; that’s what I’m talking about…

Admit it, you were stalking me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. I’m talking about in your user CP, under “Friends and Contacts” (or something), it used to list who has been looking at your profile. You had to actively get there to look at it.

Same thing. If you accidentally click on the name of the person that starts a thread, rather then the thread title, you get taken to their profile. That meant you got added to their “Who’s been looking at my profile” list. So not everyone that was on that list actually meant to be viewing that profile.

Nope. I don’t believe it! Everyone who clicked on mine had come for a nosey! :cool:

That’s right. If you accidentally clicked on someone’s user name, it takes you to their profile. The dB doesn’t know that you did it accidentally.


I think I’m getting the confusion. If you click on the person’s underlined name at the top of a post, it gives you a drop down menu of options that includes “view public profile,” and then you have to click on that to go to the person’s profile, so you are not likely to do that accidentally. But, Agent Foxtrot, that’s not what we are talking about. If you go to the main page of a forum, where all the threads are listed, each thread name has its OP listed in small letters right under it. If you click on THAT, it doesn’t give you the drop-down menu, it just takes you directly to their profile. Try it and you will see.

Come and back me up, there’s someone causing trouble in The Pit, saying there are no stalkers on the board.

I do it all the time, careless twit that I am.

Link, please?

The impudence of that AF!

Why are you still using the boardstest link? Switch to the boards.straightdope.com URL and nasty ads will go away.

I havnae got a clue what you are on about, Telemark! Is it important? :slight_smile:

I may have abused the priviledge. I found it fun to look at my recent viewers and then click on them to their recent viewers and click on them and so on, until I found myself back at my page. Kind of like a seven degrees sort of thing.

Unfortunately it only worked once and there are a lot of dopers who’s profile never gets looked at.

I’d agree that most of the times I click on a username, it’s by mistake. I assume the one person who looked at my profile did so accidentally as well. (Well, that’s better than assuming they did it as the first step of putting me on ‘ignore’.)

It was kind of cool to see I’d been looked at, though - even though there’s a roughly 70% probability that it wasn’t because they thought I was temporarily interesting.

I found it to be an interesting feature. Quirky. :slight_smile: