What happened to the Log Out icon? {in Sam’s Simple theme}

What happened to the Log Out icon? Why was it removed? Who chose to remove it?

I was away for 10 days and since coming home found I now have to go through the icon to Preferences to log out. It used to be prominently displayed in the header right next to logging in.

My personal preference is to not stay logged in to any website when not actively using it.

I don’t remember ever seeing a Log Out icon. I have always gone through Preferences to log out.

What theme are you using? Maybe that particular theme had a Log Out icon. They do change and update themes on occasion so that might explain why it disappeared.

Using Sam’s Simple theme.

In the top right, click your user icon. Click the far right tab (the little man). “Log out” is on the bottom. It is admittedly three clicks now instead of one, but you don’t have to navigate all the way to the preferences page.

Yeah, that’s where I find it now. It used to be on the main header right next to Log In. Log In would be grayed out and Log Out would be clickable. Just wondering why it changed and who changed it.

The Discourse Developers must have changed it. The SDMB staff cannot.

I’m trying to check the new feature list. Give me a few minutes and I’ll report back.

I found nothing in the 2 latest releases or evening the Beta notes.
I’ll move the thread to Site Feedback to possibly catch the attention of someone on the Discourse Team.

I’m also changing the title to make it simpler for them.

I assume Sam changed it. That seems like the simple explanation.


Thanks. Looks like a Google type maneuver to try to keep everybody logged in to gain tracking data.

I don’t think I’ve ever logged out in the 20 years I’ve been here, but I only read from a home desktop. Are those of you that log out using work computers or phones?

No, just a privacy freak. My cell phone has never be plugged in to my computer.

Hmm… It looks like I misremembered the thing about the Log Out button. Just remembered I had been using Shift+z+z all along. Us old guys get confused sometimes; must have hallucinated the button. Sorry about that. I repent.

FWIW, we track your IP whenever you access the board, but that’s it. If you are logged in but aren’t active, we’re not tracking anything.

Yeah, I figured it was a Discourse move, not SDMB.

However, I was wrong about the whole thing anyway. Feel free to close this thread.

Yes, this. Quick-log-out is ZZ (Capital Z Capital Z). That’s what I do.