What happened???

My sister (not real sister - but we are like sisters - she lives in the Caribean I am in Austria… she ll move to Amsterdam, I am tryin to move to England… we spent some weeks in Amsterdam together this summer bla bla) well - she doesnt write emails anymore…

she is clinically depressive - and I am worried.
I mean… there are tons of things that could have happened… when we last talked she was fine… but I dont trust her meds

I sent her a lil x mas package… and hope she ll write or phone when she gets it… but that ll not be before xmas.
Snail mail takes an eternety,…

There are other people who stopped writing but I know why they stopped… or I think I do. That s a diffrent story - and it is pretty whiney…

so somebody tell me that my sis is just too lazy to write.

who feels better after writing this down

Living in Northern Europe is pretty grim at this time of year what with the rotten weather and lack of natural light.

A visit or a phone call would be a welcome surprise.

Let the light of your smile shine on through :slight_smile:

Ah, but BornDodgy’s sis is living in the Caribbean. A visit might be a bit weighty on the wallet.

She’s probably forgotten to write and now embarrassed that she forgot, so she’s forgetting some more. I’m an absolute terror for forgetting to write to or email people for that very reason - I forget, then I think “Oh, no, when I write the first thing they’ll think is ‘Damn, the lazy bitch finally wrote!’ so then I don’t write”. Now I write it down, it seems completely ridiculous.

BornDodgy, your sister’s experience and attitudes may be totally different to mine, so take me with a pinch of salt (and a little garam masala).

I seriously hope nothing bad has happened. Maybe she’s just been super busy lately.

There must be a reason why you haven’t called her yourself to say “What’s up? Happy Holidays. I’m worried about you”, but I can’t figure it out from your post. So that would be my suggestion.