What happens when a snake bites a fake boob?


Poor snake. :frowning:

This doesn’t seem right. Those silicone (or saline) implants are covered with real flesh and capillary-filled tissue, which can absorb poison and transmit it through the body. Snake fangs aren’t all that long, and I wouldn’t expect them to pierce the implant itself. Furthermore, it’s not like a mosquito bite – the snake isn’t sucking up anything through those fangs. So why should it die? That’s not even taking account of the fact that silicone is pretty damned inert. I could see drowning or suffocating a snake with silicone, but even if it got some on its fang, the effect should have been nothing.
I cry “false” on the whole thing. Looks like a publicity-seeking effort to me, at a quick glance. I’ll look at it in more detail when I get home. But, really? A snake dies because it bit an implant? Not a chance.

And I was about to respond “Need answer fast?”

I agree with Cal.

If you listen very closely you can hear the snake…

“I regretsssss nothingsss” :slight_smile:

Yeah, ridiculous. Maybe the snake died, sure. But I’m betting if it did it was because someone broke its spine freaking out that it bit someone. Fangs don’t suck like vampire tales, the tooth is going to fill the gap until the snake releases, so silicone isn’t gushing into the snake’s mouth, and even if it did, you can swallow silicone with no ill effects. (And that’s assuming her implants were silicone and not saline, which is so harmless we inject it straight into veins!)

In addition, the linked story reports the woman was given a tetanus shot and released after a few hours of observation.

So, we’re to assume the snake died of silicone poisoning, but she will be just fine with a leaky silicone implant in her body. Uh-huh.

Yeah, I call “Falsies” on that one.

It was right there in the story. The snake went tits-up.

Snakes gots tits?

What happens when a snake bites a fake boob? You hear a hissing sound.

Actually, what Cal said.

I call bullshit, too. Everyone knows snakes are into feet, not breasts.

For some real fun and games, the snake should have chowed down on her tongue. I think the whole thing is a scam; the snake looks like a constrictor of some sort. She probably had a live mouse glued to her secondary sexual characteristic.

The snake in the video looks like a non-poisonous constrictor, so I wouldn’t worry about that. I’m also doubtful, as are you, as to cause of death for the snake. Mishandling would seem more likely.

BS was my first reaction, too. It’s reassuring to be able to come here, where other people get it. And nobody is complaining that knowing it’s BS is “ruining it.”

Now that I think on it ISTR that there are theories the biblical forbidden fruits were actually Eve’s rack…

…not really, I just made that up :smiley: I just really love boobies…

The snake is a common red-tail boa constrictor. It does not have fangs, only small sharp teeth. While certainly capable of drawing blood, they would not penetrate anywhere near deeply enough to pierce an implant. Even if it did, the animal caught her with the side of it’s mouth, and unless it took a mouthful with it, (which it didn’t) there is no way that silicone could have gotten into it’s mouth.

Orit Fox is probably fill with so many toxic by-products of cosmetics that she poisoned it.

Google Image her name. You’ll see. Truckstop trash.

No need to change my opinion, except that non-poisonous snake teeth are generally shorter than fangs, so it’s even less likely (less than zero) to peneytrate the implant.
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