What have you thought about and wished you hadn't?

Today we have a “Stagnant Air Advisory”. I kind of wondered what they meant by that until I went out in it on my way to work and said, “Man, somebody definately got this in their lungs before I did.” Which is kind of gross, if you think about it. And then I really thought about it and realized that this air hasn’t just been in somebody’s lungs - it’s probably been in their arteries and their capillaries and stuff. It’s been all over their nasty soft tissues and things. It’s been in their brains! It’s enough to make me swear off breathing for good! (Well, almost.)

Also, I have a sudden epidemic of flies in my house. This was gross enough until I realized that that probably means there’s a side of maggots, also, somewhere. Which is why I was at Wal-Mart at midnight last night buying fly strips and an ice cream scoop, if you were wondering. (The ice cream scoop is for consolation.)

Ever think deeply about something and wish you never had?

Well, along the same lines of what you just posted, I had a swedish friend that related to me that one of his friends would always fart when they were around and explained that, “the reason you are sensing that odor right now is tiny particles of my feces are going into your nostrils.” Not sure exactly how true that is, but it sounds relatively right and I think of that whenever I smell anything bad now.

That which you shit was a few hours to a few days ago on your dinner plates and in your drinking cups.

Well, the fart smell isn’t so much feces as it is various gasses.

I mean, not that that helps.

Did I mention that the air you’re breathing right now has been in somebody else’s eyeballs?!

What’s that quote (damn my memory) something about a king dying, decaying, having plants grow out of his flesh, and ending up in the belly of a beggar.

I don’t actully mind that thought, everything is connected, the universe is not hierarchal.
On a different note, I suppose the most distrubing thoughts I’ve had are that I want to killl myself, and that some day I’m going to die. Ironic, no?

At any given moment, some person you would find heart-breakingly beautiful is getting it on with some other person you would find not only abominably ugly, but crude, brutish and shocking.

And loving it.

Hamlet, Act IV, scene iii:

I’m not sure what those brackets around two lines are; there’s probably one version that includes them and one that doesn’t. I just Googled this for the wording.

As for me, when I was about 16, I somehow conceived a vivid mental image of what it would be like to get a papercut on one’s eyeball, including dragging the paper’s edge across the lens, etc. Ever since then it’s come back to me every few days. Gives me the willies every single time, 18 years after it first occurred to me.

George Carlin comments on two things I’ve wondered(and wish I didn’t)

When you see a huge extremely fat lady that is with a dude who has a huge gut, do you ever think, “Do these people fuck? How can they? It doesn’t seem structuraly possible!”

“Ever see a huge fat person and wonder…how do they wipe their ass? Can they reach their asshole? Is their asshole distinguishable? How is it possible?”

I’ve thought the same things.

Ditto. I often think the exact same thing.

Thank you! I was thinking it was Hamlet but thought it was thinking it was the gravedigger scene (and I obviously forgot it was fish).

To thank you for your help, I’ll give you some advise; never ever watch Un Chien Andalou. :wink:

I think of where my money has been…
…stuffed in a g-string…all kinds of sweat and juices flowing around…body glitter…
not to mention all the runny noses, unwashed hands, grease and slime…

Good one, Luna. When I worked at a drug store register, I once took money from a homeless man whose hands were encrusted with partially dried blood. I think about that whenever I am tempted to dig into my cheeseburger and fries without washing my hands.

Try not to think about how your tongue is just there, lying around in your mouth.

If you don’t think about it, you don’t notice it, but once you do, it starts feeling strange.

Speaking of cheeseburgers, I can only eat them if I consciously set aside thoughts of cow-murder and Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease.

I think about the water cycle in the environment.

That glass of water you just drank? It was very good and refreshing, wasn’t it? Did you know that a few months ago, those very same molecules were execreted out of my body? I took a piss and there they were. Some of them even came out of me when I had my period. I kept a few around in my spit for a few hours, before I spat them down the drain after brushing my teeth. And I gave a few more up at the gym, in my armpit sweat.

Neat, huh?

It fascinates me that the water I drank this morning may have once been in Albert Einstein, Star Jones, Robert E. Lee, Nelson Mandela, Jim Henson, and Indira Ghandi. But it also grosses me out, when I think about it for too long.

Hmm. Kind of like some sort of sea slug, isn’t it?

W.C. Fields (Quoted from memory) “I never drink water…fish fuck in it.”

At a family gathering, my wife pointed out to me, “Jenny’s starting to get large breasts, isn’t she?” Jenny was her 14 year old niece. And, yes, they were rather large-ish.

Thank you, dear, for putting an image in my head that made me feel just a bit like the skeevy uncle you don’t want your children near. Even now when I see her niece, I have to consciously keep myself from glancing at her boobs.

Jabbing a Q-Tip as far as you can into your bellybutton.

Ooooh, that Q-tip thing UNNERVES me!

I recall a Stephen King book wherein he describes a nightmare of sliding down a banister just to have it change into a giant razorblade about 1/2-way down…nothing I personally had thought about before reading it, but which since gives me the MAJOR creeps nearly every time I see a staircase! Even as a female, that idea is beyond horrific. 'Course, this was back in the day when S.King had original and truly frightening ideas. Wish I’d never read it.