What if you have an Amazon locker pickup but no way to show the barcode with the email?

I had an Amazon locker pickup at Whole Foods and my phone is broken, so I brought my tablet PC with the email “pre-loaded” and displayed.
I was going to ask the person what if I didn’t have the barcode, but forgot.
Can you still get the package without the barcode?

They also give you a six-digit code, which you can enter on the console instead of scanning the code. Do you have that?

I did not see that code on the email, although I’ve seen it in other ones.
Once, I got an email with just a six-digit code, and no bar code.
It does not seem to be consistent.

The code is always there. I can hardly ever get the scanner to read my bar code; I always type in the code.

The notification emails read:

Your package with 1 item is ready to be picked up from Amazon Hub Locker - (name of locker).

(picture of bar code)

Your pickup code is

Use this code to pick up your package.

Perhaps it’s always been there on yours, but it’s not on the one I got today. I just checked again, and no pickup code. I even did a text search for “pickup” in case I missed it.

Wow! My mistake! I’ve never seen that, after countless packages, and I actually went back and checked the emails. If you log in to Amazon, maybe it’ll tell you in your account under that order?

If there’s no pickup code, any good quality image of the barcode will work, so other options include:

  • Print it out on paper, present the paper to the barcode scanner
  • (if you have any smartphone, even one that doesn’t have a network connection or email setup) Take a photo of the barcode and present the photo on screen to the barcode scanner
  • Probably as above, but with a digital camera, as long as a crisp photo can be taken where the barcode fills most of the screen on the camera

Does the barcode itself not have a number below it? Because I consider that standard for barcodes. It’s part of how you know that’s what they are.

I’m not saying I’ve never seen any that don’t follow that standard, but I would find it odd.

No problem. I did a cursory search on the website, but no dice. I might have missed it though.

To clarify, I got the package, I showed them the barcode from my tablet, I’m just curious what if I did not have that option.

No, no number under the barcode.

Yes, I’m sure those would work, I’m just curious what happens if you show up with no way to display the barcode.

You don’t get the parcel. If it were otherwise, someone else could get your parcel.

I’m confused; who did you show the barcode to? Because the Amazon lockers I’ve seen, in supermarkets or Seven-Eleven, have been unstaffed. I doubt anyone in the store knows anything about them. And I’ve also never not gotten the six-digit PIN in the email.

They have a built-in scanner.

I guess this is the source of some confusion here. My Amazon locker is not an actual locker, it’s just an area in the Whole Foods with shelves and a desk where there’s a person you show the barcode or I guess tell the pickup code to. They scan the barcode and then grab it off the shelf and give it to you.

Obviously, if there’s no person there it will be impossible to get your item without a bar code or pickup code. But I wonder if the person will still give you the package if you show an ID, or if there’s some other process.

So the “them” that he showed the barcode to was the Amazon Locker console. Sorry, I assumed when he said “them” that he meant a person or persons.

Nope, actual person, see my post I got in seconds before yours.

That sounds like it’s what Amazon calls ‘local collect’ rather than a locker.

Apparently for those you formally need the tracking number and a form of ID, but I imagine if you had very reliable photo ID such as passport etc, there might be circumstances (like if they are not very busy) in which you could plead for them to find your parcel even if you don’t have the tracking code.

If the barcode contain the pickup code, could you scan the barcode yourself, using one of the many barcode scanning apps? Then you would have the code.