What is Diogenes the Cynic's Condition Called

He/She doesn’t appear to be entirely mentally retarded because some posts are normal.

But the lack of logic shown in this thread makes me wonder what’s going on.

Is anyone able to identify the condition that makes it difficult to perform and/or understand logic?

He doesn’t seem to misunderstand logic there. He has a reasonable point - that it’s not his problem if somebody wants to break the law.

I think he’s a fucking asshole for holding that position, but it’s not illogical.

Frankly, I don’t think he really believes what he is saying. For instance -

Nobody can be this stupid. He’s trolling.

I don’t understand what got peopel all ired-up in that thread (a reaction Dio is happy to exploit by egging people on with increasingly silly statements), though I was considering suggesting some clarification of terminology.

“Overtake” - to move ahead of another car travelling in the same direction, while both vehicles are in legal lanes.
“Pass” - to move ahead of another car travveling in the same direction, by moving temporarily into a illegal (i.e. you would not normally drive there) lane. Typically, this involves moving to the left into the oncoming traffic lane if this can be done briefly, safely and legally. Less often, and typically specifically forbidden, is to move to the right into an illegal lane, i.e. the shoulder, to pass.

I figure overtaking is fair game at any time. If there are two lanes, and he’s in one and you’re in the other, overtake him to your heart’s content. If you want to pass, though, only go into the oncoming lane if you can do so safely and legally, and only go to the shoulder in an emergency (i.e. he’s slammed on his brakes and going to the shoulder is the only way to avoid hitting him).

I’ve passed on the right one time in my life, going to the shoulder to get around a guy who was moving under the limit on a single lane road. He honked at me. Fuck him, but I admit that despite my precautions, I shouldn’t really have done that.

I’ve overtaken on the right, i.e. moved to the center or right lane of a multilane road to get ahead of a slower vehicle in the left lane, more times than I can count. I fail to see why this should be a problem.

“How can I impede traffic if I’m going the speed limit”
“No, they don’t get pulled over, it never happens”
Also, see enipla’s post
Those are the illogical statements.

No, he’s correct, given that the situation he’s talking about is passing a car that is already doing the limit. Anyone who does that is, by definition, speeding.

DTC, makes a good point. He also stated that he doesn’t practice “left lane assholery”. Sorry, I can’t get worked up over this one.

The point isn’t about his opinion. That’s fine, everyone has an opinion.

It’s regarding the lack of logic displayed at various points in the thread, some posted in this thread.

Where are you getting these definitions from? The two are synonymous everywhere I’ve driven.

My driving-school instructor, way back when, when I asked a question comparable to the OP off the other thread (“whaddya mean we can’t pass on the right? what if somebody’s just sitting there in the left lane?”) He pointed out that, first, somebody “sitting there” in the left lane, suggesting they’ve stopped, is unlikely, and that “passing” was meant to imply a specific (and potentially risky, hence the necessary precautions) maneuver, while one car overtaking another on a multilane road wasn’t that big a deal.

Use the suggestions, don’t use them… I don’t care. I think they add necessary clarity, though, and I will continue to use them privately and suggest them in future comparable contexts.

What I really don’t understand is why you folks let this guy get your goat all the time. Jesus Christ, who cares?

And they give up the goat so quickly too, like the goat’s the virginity of a girl with daddy issues.

Nope. That is not the situation that everyone is talking about. We are also talking about times when the person is going below the speed limit.

I said specifically and repeatedly that I was talking about people going the limit or more. If someone is going below the limit, by all means, bitch as much as you want.

What opinion? I didn’t say anything about any opinion, only a very simple and obvious matter of fact.

I don’t think you even understand what “logic” means. The statements quoted above may be false, but they are not illogical. Dio is being relentlessly logical in that thread, based on his premise that the laws on the books regarding speed limits are black and white and no one has any business going beyond them. That premise may be faulty, but that doesn’t make his conclusions illogical. Your beef is actually that you want him to be less logical, and to concede that it is better to follow some fuzzy conventions that “everybody knows” than to insist on a strict, literal reading of the speed laws.

It doesn’t matter what “everyone” is talking about, Dio was specifically talking about this situation:

Nothing he subsequently added went beyond this situation.

It’s been a while since I’ve revisited the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, Text Revision, but I believe the technical diagnosis of his condition is “Trolling Asshole Personality Disorder” or TAPD, which is characterized by repeatedly exhibiting of four or more of the following symptoms:

[li]holding absolute views on nuanced or multivariate topics[/li][li]expressing polarizing opinions based upon unsupported premises[/li][li]displaying defiant oppositional behavior in conversational contexts[/li][li]persistent or spastic repetition of unfounded or debased arguments[/li][li]failure to recognize a personal lack of knowledge or qualification upon a topic under discussion[/li][li]invoking casual fallacies in argument such as a false appeal to self-authority[/li][li]resorting to plaintive appeals of innocence or lack of malicious intent when confronted by evidence of malfeasance[/ul][/li]
Individuals diagnosed with TAPD often lack empathy or the ability to engage in normal or casual conversation, but unlike individuals in the autistic spectrum of disorders are very capable in precisely judging the acceptable limits to behaviors listed above, and appear to obtain pleasure in pursuing lines of conflict that skirt the limits of permissible behavior including covert personal insult and insinuation without broaching a threshold of punitive response. Although there are no known effective psychopharmacological or cognitive modification-based therapeutical approaches to the treatment of TAPD, individuals with the disorder appear to be strictly reflexive, and thus tacitly deflecting or ignoring the behaviors produces a null or negative response, whereas an attempt to positively engage persons who demonstrate TAPD only exacerbates the symptoms and promotes further excitation of undesired behavior.


IANAD, but my amateur diagnosis would include extreme narcissism coupled with a near-inability to admit error.

Proponents of Dio’s iron-clad “logic” in that thread: kindly defend his claims that nobody ever drives under the speed limit in the left lane, and that he “doesn’t buy” the state statute requiring drivers to keep right because everybody ignores it.

I never said nobody drives under the speed limit in the left lane.

And if I was narcissistic, I’d have a lot better self-esteem.

What I want to know is what do you call the person that can’t stop trying to change their mind or make them admit defeat? Is it like the same disorder, but somehow backwards, or something totally different?

While it may be technically “speeding,” it is not illegal in at least some states.

From here: