What is going on here?

Today has been a very back the front and slightly stressful day:

For the first couple of hours today I was getting phone calls from 4 different people about a document which is in the final proof stages. Not one of the 4 people could agree on anything, they wouldn’t call each other, only me, so I am relaying messages all over the place. In the end I got it all sorted using email.

pause to answer phone

Well I thought I got it sorted out. The graphic artist has just rung and is confused about conflicting instructions she has received.

Start telephone pogo again.

Earlier I spoke to my boss, I have to be on site (in other words at a location 2 hours drive from our office) by 9am tomorrow. Couple of hours later I get a phone call from a supplier telling me that my boss has arranged for them to drop off some signs to me at the office at 9am tomorrow morning.

Two places at once. Sure I can do that, easy peesy.

Big function for one of our industry colleagues on Friday, they have arranged for 7 speakers during the day. My boss has been helping to organise the function, I get a call from one of the speakers looking for some stats. I call my boss to find out where I can get the stats from, he tells me that our industry colleague should have supplied them to the speaker. So I call the industry colleague who states that my boss told him yesterday we would provide the national and industry stats and colleague just had to provide info specific to his business.

Back to square one.

So here I am:




And to make it all so much more fun my boss has turned off his mobile (or more than likely the battery went flat).

It is now 5.15 in the PM, I was meant to leave at 4pm but due to all the problems am still here.

Time to make some executive decisions, if boss man don’t like it - tough.