What is going on in Australian Big Brother? SPOILERS?

Just got home from dinner out, turned on the TV only to see that one of the contestants in Australian Big Brother being reprimanded for threatening the others with violence. Contestant in question is Belinda who’s sister is in jail for being party to a murder (may or may not be relevant).

Looks like she will be leaving the house. The Big Brother site is down and I want to know what I missed out on.

Anyone catch it?

It’s all happening!

Ben decided to piss everyone off by calling ‘someone’ two faced (he was directing it to Belinda) but Jo got upset and assumed it was her, because she heard that Ben had been saying things about her behind her back… she got this from Chrissy.

Jo left the room crying. Then Belinda stood up said that people don’t appreciate his words, nor find him amusing. And proceded to storm of to her room too. Vincent felt bad for them both and went to console them both. Such a bloody drama!

Chrissy finally had the balls to stand up and tell Ben he was a dickhead and completely out of line, then she too stormed off in a rage, in one of the best walk off I’ve seen in a long time.

The whole house was a mess! Of course Claire, Patrick and Daniel sat there like shags on a rock and said nothing… gutless idiots.
And then for some reason they decided to have a spa (???WTF???) Belinda couldn’t handle it and stormed off angry.
While in the room she told Chrissy (who also decided not to spa) that Ben did not want to see her angry, because she could not control her anger. (yehh, whatever) And then proceded to state that she has never met someone she hates as much as Ben (what about Carlo???)… when only a few hours before said that she never hates anyone… that girl has issues!!!

She made threats against Ben in front of those not in the spa, and it was Claire who approached Big Brother with concerns.

Belinda was called into the Diary Room and repremanded, and told BB would not tolerate threats of violence. The rest of the household were called in to be reminded that BB does not tolerate violence.

Belinda said that perhaps she should not be in the house because it brings out a bad side of her.

And the show finished with the idea that Belinda may be leaving based on her own decision.
There does that bring you up to speed???

God I’m pathetic, but I’ve just finished watching it.

P.S I put in a vote for Ben!!!

Ben is definitely the one who should get kicked out. For someone ‘playing the game’ he doesn’t seem to understand how to win BB. Being despised by everyone isn’t going to win anybody any favours.

But Belinda is certainly emotionally a bit of a mess, and probably will leave, if not due to other reasons, the week after Ben goes.

However, I think the absence of Ben will change the dynamics once again back to a more gentle house, which I think I want (though controversy does make good TV)

Hmm. Belinda has left the building.

Cool thanks superstar and GuanoLad.

I’ve really enjoyed watching Ben in the house playing with the other’s heads - makes for good viewing compared to the bland lovefests of the last two shows.

There is a drinking game in this…

Every time Jo cries you skull,

Every time Regina doesn’t understand something you skull,

Everytime Patrick blinks constantly or twitches you skull,

Everytime Claire sits there and shows no emotion you skull,

This should get you nice and drunk!

Every time Jo says she never cry’s this much you skull a double shot :slight_smile: