What is GWB saying to V. Putin in this picture? (VERY silly!)

I saw this and can’t even imagine who convinced George to dress up in THIS smock.
I suspect someone will get yelled at in the next few days for allowing this photo to be taken.

BUT, what do you imagine he is whispering to Vlad?

Look at Bush, he’s wearing ceremonial Asian clothing! Stupid Asians, wear real clothes!
What’s the big deal?

I like art class, but I hope it’s naptime soon. I’m sleepy.


See? The Canadian guy’s already taking a nap! Is it naptime now?

I’m sure W doesn’t speak Russian…does Putin speak English??

Who farted?

I dunno.

But it does look like they are sharing a moment doesn’t it?

Like, “I’m in room 2307. Knock twice at midnight.”

Then again, I could be wrong. :smiley:

“Didn’t you used to have have a birthmark or something here?”

Uh-oh–the President of Chile is wearing the Red Shirt!

And I guess the unidentified older Asian guy in the rear row must be the Captain, since he’s wearing the Yellow Shirt.

“Ah really hope they don’t take pictures of us in these stupid…shit”

As an avowed Bush hater and a confirmed Asian, I think it was rather nice and diplomaticly polite of him to wear the outfit. But I imagine he’s saying something like “Sky blue is so not my color!”

Wearing traditional outfits happens all the time at summits like that. There was a pan -Asian summit during the Clinton years and they all work batik shirts.

“Didja hear? They promised us Oreos before bedtime! YAY!!!”

“Does this dress make my butt look fat?”

Somebody had to say it.

Confucius say, “Man who go to bed with itchy butt wake up with smelly finger!”

“Yo Putin! That Chilean babe in the red hat is hot! Get it? - ‘chilly’, ‘hot’? Damn I’m good.”

“I can’t believe it- Laura and I spent three hours picking this color, and all these guys are wearing my color!”

:rolleyes: Is it okay with you if we get a chuckle out of his obvious discomfort? He looks equally uncomfortable in that outfit in every picture I have seen.

It is traditional at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summits for the leaders to pose for a photo dressed in the traditional garb of the host country. I remember Bush looking particularly goofy in a Chinese Mandarin jacket a couple years ago.

“Hey, how come WE didn’t get cool hats like that, huh?”

There is nothing fucking “traditional” about either those outfits, or the practice of browbeating foreign leaders into wearing them for photos. The whole idea was a sort of “we have arrived” gesture on the part of the Chinese the first time, but I can’t believe they are STILL doing it. I feel like I’m being made a fool of and I’m nowhere near this summit. :mad: