What is so lesbian about Home Depot?

I was watching Will and Grace earlier when Jack said something I just dont get. He ask somebody to say something to prove they are a lesbian. They replied “Home Depot”. This was sufficient to prove to Jack that said person was indeed a lesbian. I dont get it? Anybody care to clue me in?

Dunno from lesbians, but it’s like Mecca to mechnically inclined S&M folks.

Warnin’! Thar be stereotypes abound! (But considerin’ we’re discussin’ Will and Grace, I’s supposin’ that’s a given.)

Lesbians are butch and masculine.
The butch and the masculine like tools.

Therefore, Lesbians like tools.

That’s my take, but there may be an inside joke that whooshes me.

Hey… I’m a tool! Lesbians must love me! :wink:

What? There are lesbians at Home Depot? I need to go more often.

"There’s this new weird thing in the gay community, I don’t know if it’s in the straight community, I haven’t done the research but I’ll get back to you. New addiction, unbelievable… the Home Depot. The Homo Depot! My girlfriend does everything but roll those flyers up on Sundays and smoke them. ‘inhale They’re having a saaaaale!!’
“She loooooves the Home Depot. She’s running up and down the aisles touchin’ shit. ‘AAaaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaa! it’s just what we needed. let’s get twenty of them.’”

  • Suzanne Westenhoefer

I’m not a lebian and I dig Home Depot…

I worked in the construction environment for a long time, grew up around construction, was an IT manager for a construction company but I still like dick.

Just haven’t had any lately. < sigh >

Oh, BTW, I am applying for a part-time job at Home Depot.

I’m not a lebian either but you get the idea. (lesbian)

Oh and yes, it is Will and Grace which is a funny show but not quite exact in the facts.

I don’t know about you, but I go to Home Depot to see the beefcake !! Yeaaah !


The answer is…Sheetrock prices are good!
…cruise the aisles as you consider closet systems and new water softeners,doorbells.ceiling fans,Corian counters,and Helloooooo, who’s that hot little wench?

I don’t know where the nearest Home Depot is, but boy do I look forward to getting my monthly Craftsman catalogue!

– Dragonblink, halfdyke extraordinaire

Lola loves Home Depot and I can guarantee she isn’t a lesbian… :smiley:

Wait a minnit . . .

I used to work for Home Depot. I thought it was a decent place. But then again, I like women. So maybe I am a lesbian.

But I’m a guy. Does that count?

It ain’t just the lesbians; lotsa gay men also patronize Homo Depot for the home repair and refurbishing materials. How do you think gay gentrification transforms rundown crackhouses in the DC area back to their 19th century brownstone glory?

The Home Depot in Alexandria, Va, on Pickett Street has a reputation as an excellent place to cruise.

Odd, since I always thought Home Depot was “Gay Men Central”.

Always noticed the male couple looking for home improvement ideas…scanning the Ralph Lauren paints and the organizers, light fixtures and such.

My friend - who is gay - seems to agree with me.

Now, as a heterosexual is is happily married and has an adventurous wife, I can tell you that Home Depot can be S&M central. I’m quite handy and my wife is open to wilder things.

I’ve never been to Home Depot (I’m a lifelong New York City apartment dweller – I’ve never lived in a house in my life). However, my sister, who is a suburbanite, is there often enough. Oddly, she said the same thing – that it’s just chock full of lesbians. She isn’t disturbed by this at all. In fact, I think she kind of likes it. Maybe she’s having some kind of midlife crisis.

not lesbian, but i was an only child, so i grew up as the all-purpose son/daughter. learned to know which end of a tool…errrm, hammer, wrench, pliers, whatever… was which and how to use them. love to cruise Home Depot and Lowe’s, but mostly for the gardening departments.

can’t say i’ve ever noticed any significant lesbian element roaming about when i’ve been there, but certainly wouldn’t have a problem with it if there is. i’m highly in favor of women learning to be handy and not have to rely on someone else to fix or build things.


Home Depot = Butch
Lowe’s = Bitch

What? No “tongue in groove” jokes?


As a mechanically inclined flaming hetero female I’m here to tell ya that not all women in Home Depot are lesbians. For example, I’m not. I love hardware and gadgets and the smell of wood - and MEN.