What is the name of this beard style?

What’s the name of that beard style w/ mustache, full beard under the chin, short sideburns and clean-shaven cheeks? Basically the style of beard this guy is famous for. (Google’s been no help.)

Goatee. Yours truly sears one.

Wears. WEARS. Sheesh.

With a moustache, it’s a Van Dyck!

CMC fnord!

No, not a goatee. (It’s not, is it?)

Here’s a better picture of the kind of beard I’m talking about.

I’ve always called that a goatee, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard it called anything else.

I think the actual definition of goatee is just the chin part, but who really pays attention to definitions anymore?

This is what I’ve always heard as well. Various goatee-oriented websites such as this one have photos of this style, as well as a number of others, all of which are lumped under the general category of goatees. The term appears to apply to any beard style with hair on the chin and clean-shaven cheeks, with or without a mustache.

That’s a Van Dyke (not a goatee), and I sport one too.

It is a Van Dyck, but it’s commonly known as a goatee or, in our house, a “goat”.

This site is probably rather unofficial. But I’m not sure any definitive source exists for goatee classification. I’ve looked for such a source periodically over the years because I’ve never been sure what to call my own facial hair, which is the same as the kind in KGS’s second post. The terms have shifted over the years, and pretty much any kind of chin-only beard is called a ‘goatee’ these days as far as I can tell.

Worked with some Dutch girls in Texas for a while, where nearly every guy seems to have one of those. Their phrase for it was something like “spriegende kutsch”, the polite translation of which is “talking vagina”.

It’s a goatee. I have one, and I should know. (I’ve **never **heard it called a doorknocker). A Van Dyke is like a goatee, except the moustache is pointed (or curled) at the ends, and the beard is pointier.

That site aside, I’ve never heard the term either. And that’s my understanding of a Van Dyck as well, but like beard care, beard naming seems to be more art than science.

If your beard had a name, what would it be?

Katie Holmes?

snerk That was great.

Given it’s rampant popularity, which reminds me so much of the 80s, I’ve always referred to it as a chin mullet.


So it’s a goatee, huh? Or at least that’s the consensus?

However, the common definition of “goatee”, as I understand it, is merely a tuft of hair on the chin, regardless of any mustache.

I think what the world needs more than ever, just the decade of 2000-2009 needs a name, is a word that specifically describes that type of beard style. Let’s put it this way…I’m writing up a character for a novel who has that kind of beard, but at this point, I’m thinking of making him clean shaven instead!!

(Although I might steal “chin mullet”…or even “talking vagina”…)

If people start calling it that, I’m gonna shave it right off.

I’d grow one just to celebrate.