What is the size of your shoe?

I wear a size twelve, lets see who has the biggest and smallest feet on the board.


I wear a size (mumble). What, you didn’t hear me? I said, a size (mumble). You still can’t hear me? Jeez! It’s a size (mumble). What are you, deaf or something? I said a SIZE NINE! A SIZE NINE! AND A HALF! WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO, TAKE OUT A FREAKING BILLBOARD!!?

Er, ahh, sorry. Yessss, I have big feet. Curse of the tall woman. Looks like the cat’s out of the shoe now. I mean bag. Ahem…

Me? you askin me?? Oh, no, couldn’t possibly tell you. Oh, my. What if word got out?? What would people say???

Oh. Yeah, probably nothing. No one would even notice. Okay, they’re a size, ummm, a size 9&1/2 slim. Okay, there! Are you happy now!!! And, no I’m only 5’7". sigh
<tiny voice, barely audible> I got’em from my daddy, ok?

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Don’t make me come down there.

Hey women, is girth more important than length (I mean with regard to feet, of course)?

A normal man’s shoe is “D” width, wide is “E” and mine is “EEE.”

Dunno, H8_2_W8, personally, I’ve never thought about it, one way or another. Just don’t step on me, OK? :slight_smile:

Seen on billboard near home:
Don’t make me come down there.


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my shoe size is average just like the rest of me. ::yawns::

it’s the metallic purple toenail polish that makes me special!


I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!


Whay are you asking? Do you have presents for us?

I wear size 14 boots.

So take me seriously when I threaten to kick someone’s butt. :slight_smile:
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A little bigger than my foot.

Ok, seriously. Size 11 1/2.

Does that mean you’re the big, bad … (you know the rest)


You’re lucky. I wear a size nine also (extra wide). BUT I’M ONLY FIVE FOOT TWO!!!

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mine are a seven and a half, and a little on the wide side.

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12 EEE

Girth is more important than length, anyway…

I wear a 5 1/2 . i have some of the smallest feet i know (of people my age and older). i cant borrow anyones shoes, ever.

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9 1/2 in sneakers and 9 in dress shoes. And I’m only 5’6", if that. Blame my dad for my huge feet :smiley:

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I wear size 13 shoes.

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It has nothing to do with being tall. I’m 5’6, with a shoe size of 9 (wide width). I got them from my mom (size 10, wide width).

I had no idea women where so sensitive about the size of their feet. Why? My feet are 9 and a half. My God, some of you women have feet as big as mine! Gasp!

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