What is the tastiest toothpaste?

You might have thought this had been asked before. Of the 256 threads thus far mentioning toothpaste, I don’t think it has.

I like Euthymol, a strong wintergreen toothpaste only available in England. I can’t get it in Canada, though. It’s so strong it feels like it’s paralyzing all the decay causing stuff.

I like Tom’s of Maine. I usually buy the peppermint baking soda with flouride, but when I can find it I buy the fennel flavor. Other toothpastes taste far to sweet now that I’ve been using this.

AquaFresh for Kids Bubblemint flavor. It tastes like Juicy Fruit gum, which is dandy if you like the gum, which I do.

I also like Tom’s Of Maine Cinnamon. It’s the only cinnamon toothpaste I have ever seen. (And even more than Juicy Fruit, I love cinnamon.)

Most toothpaste makes me practically throw up. Indeed, I gag and choke through brushing my teeth every single time. The one that does it the least so far is the red Close-Up gel. Mint flavored pastes (white paste as opposed to gel) has actually made me throw up.

ROFL! Not to laugh at your toothbrushing trauma, Opal, but my old roommate Laurie used to have the same problem. She’d brush her teeth and it’d make her gag, and occasionally, throw up. So, to get rid of that nasty taste, she’d brush again… and start all over.

I like just about any toothpaste that doesn’t have baking soda. Baking soda does not belong in toothpaste. Eew!Right now I like Toms of Maine cinnamon.

Ever since reading about the link between canker sores (used to get 'em all the time) and sodium lauryl sulfate (read it here on the sdmb!), I have switched to Rembrandt Natural…they have several flavors, they all seem pretty tasty to me.

Another vote for Tom’s Cinnamon.

Well, I’m a freak because I love baking soda in the toothpaste. The minty and salty flavor is yummy. :slight_smile:

I’m just wondering about the “Most-lubricating” toothpaste. If I knew which that was several years ago, I might have a few less scars now…

Wow, someone else likes the fennel flavor! No one I know does. It’s the only toothpaste I really like, it makes my mouth feel the cleanest since it’s not so horribly sweet. Tom’s of Maine rules!

Note to all. Do NOT use toothpaste as a lubricant. It hurts. I speak from (sob) experience.

I use whitening Mentadent. I’m not too into mint, which seems to be THE flavor among toothpaste makers, but nonetheless I can dig it.

Personally, I like Aim. Kind of a minty-cinnamony combination. I actually look forward to brushing my teeth now.

If you can’t stand mint toothpaste, try children’s toothpaste. It comes in flavors like blueberry and bubblegum.

My brother always complained how much mint toothpaste hurt his mouth. I don’t know why we didn’t think of children’s toothpaste sooner. He loves it.

Children’s toothpaste is much less irritating. You remember the old Bill Cosby joke about brushing your teeth, then drinking orange juice? When I used mint toothpaste, I couldn’t drink water for 15 minutes or so. But with children’s toothpaste, I can brush my teeth, then immediately drink cold water. It’s scrubbing mint into my gums that made them so sensitive just after brushing.

I love baking soda toothpaste. Sometimes I dip the toothbruch into baking soda after putting the toothpaste on it. Doubly good.

Interesting about the toothpaste/canker sore connection. I tried one brand which burned my mouth, gave me four huge canker sores and also an ugly yellow scab sore type thing on the corner of my mouth. I threw out the entire tube.

beef drippings. It’s the best!

I second Close-Up red gel. I just don’t like mint. When I’m in a salty-ish mood, I’ll just use straight baking soda, but usually I like cinnamon. Is Tom’s of Maine a regional thing? Never heard of it, but it seems to be getting good reviews…

I forgot my toothpaste and had finished showering in the kids bathroom. I used the bubblegum. 8:30 Sunday morning and 2 Coronas later, I still couldn’t get that taste out of my mouth. **Eeechh! Pttewwy! ahck! ** A shot of Wild Turkey did the trick though. Turkey, not just for breakfast anymore.

later, Tom.

Mentadent Crystal Ice - burns the scum right out of your mouth!

Arm and Hammer Peroxi-gel. Pretty good, not too sweet, plus it has the baking soda.

Tom’s is a natural toothpaste; you can find it in health food and higher quality food stores. I think it’s too expensive (I’m not payin’ $4.50 for a tube of toothpaste) but I’m sure the quality is fine.

Waleeda salt and baking soda flavor.