What is this fruit?

We called them quenepas in my house when I was growing up. They are tropical and come in bunches. They have a thin green rind which you bite into to reveal what looks like a big wet cottonball. This you suck on. It is sourly sweet.

Are they really called quenepas? Do they have an English name? Is there another way to eat these addictive treats besides raw?

From what you have said, yes those are called quenepas. I do not know if there is an English translation for that word. So far, I only know it is eaten raw, but then I am not a fan of them. Tried the fruit once with a hairpin instead of my fingers to grasp it. It is not recommended for small kids to eat the fruit solely with their fingers and not supervised by adults because the children might choke.

I found this:
Spanish Lime, Genip, Quenepa, Mamoncillo
They are related to Lychees and Rambutans.

Thanks *Mangetrout. Roasting the nut that site says, interesting.

They are called “guineps” in Jamaica. It’s a native fruit of Brazil.