what is this term?

Is there a specific term to define the process of engaging a fellow employee in a conversation with the sole purpose to elicit a detrimental or disparaging remark?


Fishing for detriments?

Yes. Gossip.

Leading the Mark On.

Exit interview.

Gosip, sounds kind of innocent. Let me rephrase, one person baiting another person to entice them into making a statement that can then be reported to management in order to gain favor. I am trying to write a report, and I was hopeing there was a technical term that I could use.

Fishing for detriments Thanks,the rythem doesn’t work for me.
Baiting the Mark Thanks,possible

strewing landmines

Speaking with Management, using Appropriate Deference:
“Sir, he was Baiting the Mark.”

Seriously this time, I think what you’re looking for is “entrapment.”

Yes, thank you . Entrapment will do nicely.