What is up with the Peanut butter in candy?

Peanut butter in candy, like Reese’s-type stuff, is…different. I mean, its nothing like the peanut butter you spread on a sandwich. Why?

It’s mixed with sugar. Not long ago, I made some sugar cookies, and teh recipe called for 1 cup of peanut butter to be mixed with 1/2 cup of sugar before the flour and eggs were added. I noticed that this peanut butter and sugar mix was nearly identical to the Reese’s filling. If you use an eggbeater on low speed, it becomes a nice creamy texture after a minute or two of mixing.

Sugar cookies? :smack: No, those were peanaut butter cookies, obviously.

There are peanut butter cups, the Wal-Mart Sam’s Choice kind, for example, that have actual peanut butterish filling. Yummy.

Not to add anything really new, but a few weeks ago I was watching a show on the Food Network where they showed the various manufacturing steps of different types of candy. They showed the inside of the Peanut Butter Cup factory and all of the cool machinery churning out those delicious tasty treats.

They made a point of stating that Reese’s peanut butter is made on site and is different from traditional peanut butter. I forget the specifics, but I think it was simply extra sugar, as Q.E.D. said. They showed folks dumping huge loads of peanuts and sugar and other stuff into their peanut butter machines.