What Kind oF Dog Is Brian From "Family Guy"

Seeing as he’s a cartoon he probably isn’t any specific type of dog, other than being describe as a Melan-Collie (melancholy), for comic effect, what breed of dog, in real life looks closest to Brian?

He looks sorta like Snoopy, but with smaller ears. Not that that necessarily helps.


That helps. It makes him a beagle.

ETA: Unless ‘smug asshole’ is a recognized breed.

Except big floppy ears are one of a beagle’s defining features, so taking that away pushes him back towards “generic dog”.

Bull terrier?



Jack russel.


Booze hound.

A talking dog.

Canis lupus sapiens.

The animated kind.

I could swear one one of his benders of self-discovery he mentioned being a mutt.

There’s a wiki that says he’s a “white labrador.”

Damn you & such!

MY answer! MINE!

You shall rue the day you trifled with me! Well? Start rueing!

In an episode (IIRC the one where he and Stewie travel the multiverse), they show a live action version of him. It looked like a yellow Labrador.

Here is a pic from that sequence.

It’s unlikely he’s a mutt, since he came from a puppy mill. They only really make money by cranking out “pure” breds.


My cousin bought a “mixed breed” in a pet shop. She paid $350 for the thing.