What kind of jammies do you wear?

It use to be nothing but big Tee shirts for me. Then a couple of years ago I bought some flannel sleep pants, now I’m a sleep pants connoisseur. I wear them with little tops, and if I’m feeling lazy, I just wear them all day long. I bought my son a pair of Sponge Bob sleep pants that were a little too long. One day I’ll haul out the sewing machine and hem them, although they currently reside in my jammie drawer, and I’ve worn them 3 times. :slight_smile:

“What kind of jammies do you wear?”

Nothing at all, i stopped wearing jammies when i was a little kid.
Naked is nicer, and allows you to be closer to your SO

Unless sheets count…

Nada (sorry for the visual :p)

Depends on temperature…

If it’s hot … nothing

If it’s cold … flannel pants & tank top

If it’s just right & I’m solo … a yellow shorts & t-shirt combo covered in monkeys

either in my boxers, or naked. not a pretty sight…

100% naked, unless I’m staying at someone else’s house (or we have guests at ours) in which case I usually wear a pair of sweat shorts. (On my head, so I can’t see people’s horrified expressions.)

Naked here, too. Though I’m fully clothed right now.


Unless someone else might have to wake me up, that is, in which case I wear briefs. I’m not cruel.

Briefs, boxers or naked (only if someone is staying the night; a rare occurance).


Don’t the monkeys make it awfully hard to sleep?

I wear a tank or t-shirt with boxers all year-round. I hate flannel.

tank top (for support) and panties. or naked.

I’m afraid it’s au natural for sleeping. For lounging, though, I love sleep pants with a short tank or tee. I recently bought a pair of pj’s that had “capri” length pants and I really like those too!

I lounge around in sweat shorts, or knit boxers, and a tee or tank top, but I take them off when I go to bed.

At home? Nothing.
In someone else’s house? A pair of drawstring athletic shorts, no top. Tops tend to get all bunched up and uncomfortable.

Another naked sleeper. I keep my robe at the end of the bed should I need to wander around and the kids are here. No kids, no robe.

Home: Nuffin’

Someone Else’s Place: USMC sweat pants, with or without a t-shirt depending on the temperature


*Flannel shortie pyjamas, tartan.
*Thin cotton pyjamas with pull-on top (rather than a button-up pyjama jacket), one pair white, one pair lilac. I got them from Tescos and they are quite honestly the best jammies EVAH.
*Thin cotton pyjama pants, pale blue floral print, worn with cotton jersey tank top. I bought these when I was a bit fat, and they are now way too big. Luckily they have a drawstring waist, so I can wear them without them falling down around my arse.
*Cotton jersey pyjama pants, grey, worn with cotton jersey tank top, and with an old cotton knit cardigan if it’s really cold.

  • Linen nightdress with djellabah neckline, navy. This is wonderfully comfy, but sadly falling apart. I’d love to find a linen nightdress that isn’t from some ootsy expensive übermiddleclass mail order outfit.

nothin but socks at home (though i keep pants and a t-shirt close by, as I often get called out in the middle of the night .

a tyvek suit in a hotel.

boxer briefs and tshirt everywhere else, except the firehouse, which has regulation sleepwear requirements.

One reason I like the pants, is that I slather my legs with lotion at night. I can’t stand that ‘legs sticking together’ feeling. Also, it coincides with the installation of central heat and air in our house. I keep the house cold at night year 'round.

Tansu, I’m glad I’m not the only jammie connoisseur.