What movie should I rent tonight?

This is more of an “In Your Humble Opinion” thread.

Here’s the situation.

My wife is pregnant and very sleepy in the evenings. I’ve found that she’ll easily nod off if the film is not engaging (she slept through Dogma even though she was enjoying it). The General’s Daughter kept her awake.

I’m up for anything, classics, new releases, whatever. Just don’t make it so obscure that I won’t find it at my local rental shop. I’m sure there will be several recommendations that we’ve seen already, but don’t let that stop y’all.

Martin Moll, Tim Curry, Leslie Ann Warren. Even if your wife falls asleep you will being laughing so hard you’ll wake her up.

Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis. I always like movies that blow stuff up.

Nine Months-
Tom Arnold, Hugh Grant(?). Pretty dang funny if she is ready to pop.

For what its worth

We saw Clue (and two of its endings). Liked it

Haven’t seen the others, thanks for the suggestions!

I was looking for an engaging mystery, but 9 Months sounds like a good pick.

…keep 'em coming!

I find that it is hard to fall asleep during disturbing and/or excessively violent movies.

With that in mind, I recommend Romper Stomper. Russell Crowe stars in it as a Nazi Skinhead gang leader in Australia. It has a similar premise to American History X, except that the struggle isn’t with Blacks. It’s with a Vietnamese group. Lots of violent scenes.

Engaging movies . Hhhmm

[li]The Usual Suspects[/li][li]L.A. Confidential[/li][li]Twelve Angry Men (original with Henry Fonda )[/li][li]In The Line Of Fire[/li][li]The Mummy[/li][li]The Shawshank Redemption[/li][/ul]
My choice would be either “The Usual Suspects” or “The Shawshank Redemption”.

Both are my choices too (but we’ve seen and loved 'em already).

After reading the review at movie geek central I think I’m going to rent Fight Club.

But I’m still open to suggestions (and fodder for next week’s rental(s))!


Fight Club! Fight Club Fight Club Fight Club!!! Yea! Excellent choice! I guarentee you won’t be disapointed. If if you are… well… then you just suck. But I’m sure that won’t be the case. Happy viewing!

Great choice . It was the best flic of last year IMO. Enjoy.

Boys Don’t Cry.

Not a feel good movie, to be sure, but very well acted.

Wow! Just finished it and I want to watch it again to catch more of the foreshadowning.

Put me firmly in the category of those who think it was great. When it came out I thought I had it peggged and wasn’t interested, I was wrong.

BTW - Boys Don’t Cry was a trailer on the tape that made me want to rent it in the near future. Thanks for the additional suggestion(s).

Look for a movie called “Go”.

It’s kind of a Tarantino rip-off, but a very good one.

No relation, I think.

Quick paced, silly, engaging, laff-a- minute, star-studded:

I recommend Galaxy Quest.

So shoot me.

GO - got it (liked it)
Galaxy Quest got it (liked it)

Thanks for the dead-on suggestions! Keep 'em coming!

Fight Club kicked ass, but your wife might sleep through it. A good one is the original Payback. If you liked the new one (with Mel Gibson) it is worth it. If you haven’t seen payback it is good, a little violent, but good.

Office Space - guaranteed funny!

“Hey Peter, whaats happening? Greaaaat”

My favorite movies to watch are.

Better off Dead: an 80’s comedy with John Cussak
Galaxy quest

On a Robert DeNiro kick -

Ronin car chases, suspense
Midnight Run car chases, great one liners

The Man with Two Brains, Steve Martin

I second the recommendation for Office Space