What? No sequential thread on the front page? Preposterous!!!

We Got A Cat!
the best things in life

well, I knew MPSIMers were cat people…
My first Vicodin
Holy crap, that was a baseball game**

Yeah, I need a little help to enjoy baseball too


You just figured that out? man, that vicodin took you out.

**What? No sequential thread on the front page? Preposterous!!! **

Incidentally, 20,000 people just died in an earthquake

In Cafe:

**Am I the only one who doesn’t like movies?
Recommend me wuxia movies
What is the latest “lost” major movie? **

Apparently you are :smiley:

**Europeans: If you don’t date, what do you do?
Toilet Training **

Okay, who let the Americans in on our dirty little secret?


** Need advice on what to say during a job interview
anybody use a Senseo coffee maker? **

Asking about coffee breaks during a job interview might not be a good idea.

WooHoo! I am posting from Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffehouse like a Motherfuck.
Eww! Dad, that’s disgusting!


Petty ways you show that you’re a snob
Toilet Training

The Mile High Club – what’s the thrill?
Falling from great heights

Are raw oysters alive when you eat them?
Mmm mm MMMM mm mm!

Sex with sheep is fun.
Pet owners tend to think their pets think like humans - They’re wrong!

This cannot be stressed enough!

Is it just me, or does the earthquake thread go with everything?

** Sex with sheep is fun.
Even CNN can have funny thread titles!

talk about a slow news day


**What, to you, is a circle jerk?
Male Sexual Rite of Passage **

I had two dates last night…
Eww! Dad, that’s disgusting!

Horrible trivia questions
What are the traits of a girlyman?

**A question about relationships.

Harmonious Discord is back**


**What things about you often surprise others?
Sex with sheep is fun. **

In the Pit:

Paris Hilton is an idiot…again
And we wonder why young girls are so ashamed of their bodies?

From IMHO:
Europeans: If you don’t date, what do you do?
What’s a “Cuddle Party” and non-sexual “cuddling” all about?

**Sell me on why the US should engage in torture.
So-called Space Alien “Cults” **
You’ve got me on board with that argument!