What % of Disney visitors are adults?

Hi all -

Disney doesn’t release official figures on attendance for its parks, but people have done some decent estimates. I’m wondering if people have done any estimates of % of visitors who are adults, especially if that’s broken into “with…” and “without children” (i.e. not just as chaperones). If anyone has estimates broken down by park, I’d appreciate that! Mostly interested in Disney World (FL) % Disneyland (CA).


I don’t know if anyone has tried to break this out, but even if they tried using ticket sales data, the results would be misleading, since everone over 9 years of age needs an adult ticket.

Really?! That’s very useful info… I haven’t been to one of the parks since I was 14 or so myself. Thanks!

You could bet several houses that Disney has a very good idea of the demographics of its visitors. I’ve never been to a park when there wasn’t some sort of market survey going on.

I would estimate that adults (anyone over 18 that is) constitute close to 75% of total attendance. But that is a WAG.

My WAG would also be in the 60-75% bracket. However, we tend to go to Epcot more often rather than Magic Kingdom where you’ll find a lot more children.