What powers would you choose?

Okay, if you could choose any three powers, barring any omni- powers (omniscience, omnipotence, and the like), what would they be?

My three are telepathy, teleportation, and invulnerability. I’d be able to go anywhere, deal with anybody, and it’d be a long time before jumping off of high buildings got boring…

I would choose:

  1. The ability to levitate apples and caterpillars
  2. The ability to listen to shortwave radio through teeth
  3. The ability to turn wine into water

I would like to be able to:

  1. read
  2. write
  3. comprehend
    all languanges.

Ability to travel via computer.
Invisibility (image what you could learn).
Ability to survive without sleep.

Ability to not have to eat, sleep or go potty. Think of all the time you’d have available for things…

  1. Ability to seduce women at the mere sight of me.
  2. Ability to stop aging at 26.
  3. Ability to mind read.
  1. Ability to fly
  2. Ability to heal the sick
  3. Ability to read minds

My three powers:

1. Flying (the ONLY way to....um...get around.)
2. Communicate in any language.
3. X-Ray vision.

I wouldn’t want:

-Immortality (I think it would get boring)
-Mind reading (I tend to ignore what people are saying, why would I be interested in what they're NOT saying?)
  1. cloaking (not just invisibilty, didja see the X-Files on 5/14?)

  2. read AND control the minds of others (bwa-hahahahahahahahahahahaha)

  3. teleportation (good for the enviroment!!)

  4. fully controllable x-ray vision (excuse me, but could I have THAT scratch-off ticket instead?)

  5. I would also like to not have to eat or use the bathroom (split infinitives be damned!)

-Immortality from age 23 onward (no aging)(boring? laugh if it’s boring, it’s because you aren’t finding interest, not because it’s not there)

-Flight. Too many dreams, I can’t help it.

-Superstrength or superspeed, or the combination (can you even have one without the other without the body tearing itself apart?).

ok, I’d want to be a female Superman. I can’t help it.

This was actually a Great Debates topic not too long ago. Here’s what I said then and it bears repeating now.

The only power you really need, and it has the advantage of easy acquisition, is apathy. Think about it.

Funny you should ask, because I have thought at great length about this very topic. I would choose:[list=1]
[li]The ability to morph: Imagine being able to become anyone or anything! Be a bird. Or maybe a dolphin when you get tired of flying. You could disguise yourself as another person! You could lead multiple lives![/li][li]Imperceptibly: If you get tired of being something, become nothing. I’m not talking mere invisibility either, I’m talking total discorporation. You cannot be seen, heard, or felt. You can pass through any solid object. You are a ghost.[/li][li]Immortality: At first I thought immortality would be a drag after a few hundred years, but then I realized how much fun I could have with numbers 1 and 2.[/li][/list=1]- JB

The superpowers I would like:

a) Ever-correctedness. After every sentence I utter, I would like people to say “That’s so true” or “You’re right!”

b) I would like to be able to juggle 13 bean bags for 10 minutes without dropping one, while at the same time riding a unicycle.

c) I would like the power to be able to clean and put away any pile of dirty dishes, however large, with a snap of my fingers.

What more can one want of life?

  1. Ability to communicate in any language.
  2. Ability to shapeshift and
  3. to alter my mass (like Odo on DS9).

1) Teleportation (You imagine where you want to go and there you are… I could visit the Bahamas for the weekend and not have to worry about flight times and jet lag)

2)Manipulation/being of shadows I could then manipulate the shadows to move stuff or I could listen through them or even be them. (There is the disadvantage of being sensitive to sun when you are shadow but then I would just stay normal then…)

3)eidetic memory Then I would never forget names and faces or anything or maybe I could just be a Pretender like Jarod…

I would want to:
Create or destroy things just by thinking about it
Be able to stop aging at a certain age
Become invisible at will, and have anything I have with me turn also (I saw the X-Files!).

I, on the other hand, wish I could be visible. Nobody ever notices me.

  1. Total Celluar Regeneration: Never get old, never stay hurt.
  2. Teleportation. Why Not?
  3. understand and communicate in ALL languages. Even Computer Languages.
  4. Absolute Time Sense/Perfect Memory/Direction Sense/anything else out of Gurps:Advantages :smiley:

The ability to turn bananas into porkchops - oh wait a sec Scylla’s already claimed that (and as a miracle no less).

How about Invulnerability, flight and time travel (just for fun).

And Saint Zero obiously NEEDS a better understanding of languages - maths in particular…

Having been a comic reader for many, many years, this is a question I have pondered on.

In the end I would have to go with:

Super strength
Super speed
and Super agility