What Robot Are You Really?

Just like the OP says

Underneath my tanned hairy skin, ticks the CPU of Data from Star Trek. And you?

T2. Who the hell is T2?

I am the wise trash can R2D2

I am AL Gore the boring politician.

I am Johnny Number 5.


Uh, Terminator 2. Liquid metal alloy. Remember him?

I can’t get the page to load. I guess I’ll never know.

Me? How about Optimis Prime? :slight_smile:

If any of the lady robots reading this are like Maria Futura from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, please let me know. :wink:

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I’m Number Five, just like Rasa.


Wow. I am David, that kid from A.I. who made you cry. How totally sappy. But somehow fitting… :slight_smile:

Who’s Roy Batty? 'Cause that’s who I am.

I’m the Iron Giant. Fear me!!!

Now I need to go rent the movie.

oh bah! I’m the kid from AI. Well, that blew.

<scream> Dear GOD!!! I’m not!! I can’t be!! <Moan> I wish I were just lovable old Bender. <shudder>

Another R2D2 checking in.

I’m Priss from Blade Runner. Ironic, considering my human shell is of the hetero male persuasion.

Oh dear Lord, I’m C3PO!

Al Gore? No!No!No! Mommy say it’s not true!!!


Klaatu barada nikto

It thought that was T2000 or something…
Anyway, I’m David from A.I.