What Robot Are You Really?

“Goofy robot with life from short circuit.” Is that what it said? Man.

Another David here. I never even saw the movie.

Finally got through, yet another David.
The villian in T2 wasn’t called T2, but Arnold was simply the “Terminator,” so it would seem to follow…

Iron Giant II

I think I’ll go pose for a Queen cover.

Number 5

C3PO? I’m C3PO too!

Glad to meetcha! :wink:

Well! It appears i’m the first Terminator to check in here…


You’re the Rutger Hauer character from Blade Runner. That’s possibly the coolest robot you can be. Tough, dangerous, clever, complex and eerily human.

Ugh, I’m David from A.I., too. I wish I were something more interesting than a robot that has the capacity to love blah blah blah!


Not many Iron Giants here…but I’m the Big Hunk of Metal Love, just like The Tim and Jack Batty.

I’m Robby the Robot from the classic flck Forbdden Planet. I am a [iral* robot, as opposed to metal people like R2D2 and C3PO. I am unintentionally funnt because of the incongruity of my statements, and because of Mobius’ clever programming. In Rea Life, I seem wiser than I am, but it’s all just due to chance.

For the record…

The villian in T2 was a model called T-1000
Arnold was in both movies a model called T-800

I am da Termintaor.

I crush puny humans.

Bah, I don’t need a webpage to tell me this.

I’m Marvin. Not that you’d actually care, or anything.

arms flailing wildly

Danger, Will Robinson, danger… :slight_smile:

No. 5 is ALIVE!!!

And here I was hoping for Tom Servo…

I’m Data. Stupid yellow-eyed freak.

When I was a child robot, I was…hmm. I don’t remember the film all that clearly, but probably Number 5. A bright sensitive smartalecky kinda thing.

Then as I grew, I started spending more time being Marvin.

In the last few years, I’m the Iron Giant too, dammit. Suuuuuperman! (I’d still have to resist the urge to do an aerobatic maneuver at the last second and ride the missile down while hootin’ and hollerin’ like Slim Pickens, however.)

I’m Data. I was the robot from Bladerunner last time I did it.

Screw all you guys. I’m Crow, and you can eat me.