What Robot Are You Really?

I’m R2-D2.
Cool! I get to hang out with princesses and Jedi Knights!
Now if only I could shut off that damned C-3PO…

another Roy Batty checking in…

Yet another Roy Batty!

I am the Santa Claus from Futurama

[sub]**Ho Ho Ho. Ole Nick knows what you need for X-mas, ya’ Mofos.

Stef-a-nie, Johnny 5 Alive! No disassemble!

As a child of the 80s, I loved Short Circuit…sigh of nostolgia

Giskard. The greater good and all that.

I’m just waiting for the Fembots to check in.

I’m the Iron Giant. I guess this means I need to see that movie now. (Damn, I wanted to be Roy Batty. :P)

Roy Batty.

Anyone surprised?

I am the IRON GIANT!!


Wait. I never saw that movie. Was he a good robot or a bad robot?

It’s a sorry thing have to admit, but I’m mostly like T-Bob from the old M.A.S.K cartoon.

I’m so ashamed…

Another Iron Giant signing in. And I haven’t seen the movie either.

Damn. I wanted to be Crow or Servo.

Damn! I’m Data.
I really wanted to be R2-D2.
Or Iron Giant would be good too.

But I guess I knew it, deep down…