What’s the least popular spirit in your favorite bar?

I’d have to say rum at both my favorite bar now (that I occasionally help out at) and the one I worked at during and post college. Captain and Coke wound get an occasional order but aside from that, it was a pretty rare order. Admittedly, they’re both sports bars that didn’t have blenders and in the Midwest. I imagine it would be different at a resort in Key West.

Oh, as far as the most popular? Definitely vodka at my current favorite, there’s at least 25 vodkas stocked. My older bar would be definitely be Jack Daniels. That bar sold a shit ton of Jack

Gin. There isn’t a single gin based cocktail that doesn’t taste better when made with vodka.

Gin’s not a proper drink. It’s basically flavoured vodka made by chemists and marketers.

Yeah, gin is vile.

For me it’s vodka, flavorless and inane.

The ghost of xmas past. That fucker haunts us all.

Malört…there are certainly niche liquors that get ordered less, but no one who’s had it would call it “popular”.

If we’re only picking from the standards I’d have to say Rum. Vodka is king, Whiskey gets a lot of play, Gin and Tonics are a host unto themselves. But there’s not much call for boat drinks in the city and even the venerable Rum and Coke has fallen on hard times.

Rum still outsells Scotch, but it’s not fair to compare a popular mixing liquor off the rail to a premium sipping spirit. Plus a pedant would probably argue Scotch is a whiskey anyways, but right minded people know that that “e” is important.

LOL, no. Negronis, for one of many. Part of the issue is that there are so many different kinds of gin: from the crisp cleanness of Martin Miller’s London Dry Gin, from any of the offerings of Sipsmith, to the full juniper blast of Junipero. More for me I guess.

To answer the OP—and screw you for reminding me that my bars are closed because of this bug—I’d have to say it’s some weird extract or tincture that these guys use for a couple of cocktails.

Rum, OTOH, is great. I’m drinking a rum now that our own @Cell_Guy recommended, The Real McCoy. Worth your 15 or so a 750 for 3 year aged white rum.

This is obviously going to be cultural. Gin is massively popular here in the UK - gin & tonic is pretty much a default for many who don’t want beer or wine.

Outside of cocktails, I’d say rum isn’t that popular. It’s seen very much as an ingredient drink for cocktails, and that’s about it. Although in my youth (80s), rum and coke went through a popular phase. Now, not so much.

Least popular spirit would be some obscure liquor used in one drink that a regular and no one else orders.

Good lord. What is wrong with you people? Vodka-substituted gin cocktails are flaccid imitations of the two thing. Vodka has no flavor. It is the most useless alcoholic drink as far as I’m concerned, and I should like it, given my 100% Polish background. :slight_smile:

You say that like it’s a bad thing. Honestly, the only spirit I like the flavor of (that I’ll drink neat) is tequila.

Amen, brother! Give me flavor or give me death. Vodka is the Zima of liquors.

No idea where “two” came from, but “real thing” is supposed to be there.

Insofar as I have a “favorite bar,” I’d have to say Grappa.

Made from grape pits, it tastes like diesel fuel. Yeccch! :face_vomiting:

Vodka. As folks have said, it’s flavorless. Why bother?

Those of you badmouthing gin realize this condemns you to the 3.75th Circle of Hell, don’t you?

It’s hot enough here today that G&T are called for. The first batch will be Aviation, Fever Tree and a dash of Peychaud’s. With copious lime juice (freshly-squeezed.)

“Least Popular” and “Favorite bar?” Probably cheap gin, if they even stock any. Sorry, my favorite bar is rather upscale.

It would be gin where I go. Rum, vodka, scotch, bourbon, and all sorts of the abominable flavored liquor specialties move faster then gin. No one orders a gin martini, they don’t have any tonic, and you’d have to tell them how to make any other drink containing gin. Or any drink with more than three ingredients with any type of liquor. Not that it matters because they won’t have all the ingredients anyway.

Nthing vodka. Smells like rubbing alcohol and adds nothing to a drink.

Campari. Every bar that has it has the one they opened with, doesn’t matter if it’s been hundreds of years. There is only one coctail that requires it, which no one ever orders, and the shit is just nasty by itself.