What’s the most extraordinary thing you’ve posted about yourself?

In light of recent events here, many of us may be looking at other posters’ unusual claims with more skepticism than previously.

What have you posted that others might find a bit incredible?

I posted about the destruction of my family’s home in the May 2011 Joplin tornado and the survival of my brother and his dogs. I could provide links to several online news articles about brother and dogs, but I’m not sure how I’d go about proving that person is actually my brother.

This is an interesting topic. I have a philosophy. One shouldn’t tell a lot of ‘interesting’ stories about oneself. Just* be *interesting. Be engaging, be able to expound on topics that come up, shine in your own right and you won’t have to ‘toot your own horn’, so to speak.

If I am in a group, and they are all going on about the amazing things that have happened in their lives, I join in and take interest in those conversations without adding my own crazy stories.

Sometimes, one will gain very intimate friends and the crazier stories will leak out over an evening of drinking and talking, but by that time, you have earned their trust and they can pick up on queues from knowing you well that you are on the up and up.

So, I do try not to post the stories of my life that may sound unbelievable. Not that there are a lot of those stories. And not that there aren’t.

Probably that I was raped twice as a youth.

Nothing else strikes me as particularly doubtful or similar to being a dying quadriplegic or a hot Asian transexual.

Although I’m secretly a White Republican Marine…

Uh, I don’t know. Shouldn’t other people be the ones to tell me that?

Nzinga, Seated says it well. Even though I have started, and participated in, dozens of threads where personal details are the main issue, be they polls or discussions, I have been mindful of how those details might be turned against me or serve as clues to who I really am and what I do and such.

I do avoid sharing very personal things – on purpose – but I would expect a moderately competent detective might go through old posts and build a sizeable dossier on me. I accept the risk for that, and try to join in nostalgia discussions and polls as best I can.

So, bottom line, y’all ain’t heard (and won’t) the real juicy stuff about me! :smiley:

That I am a god.

I took Winston’s advice.

I never knew that about you. That’s sad.

And hot.

I don’t think I have posted anything here that was extraordinary and intimate. The only things I have ever posted that I thought might be challenged as made-up involved poisonous snakes.

In the mid-1970s, I worked part-time at a venom laboratory. My duties included feeding venomous animals, cleaning cages, and extracting venom from snakes, spiders, scorpions and toads. I have posted a couple of things about those days, the most detailed and extreme was probably this post. Nobody seemed skeptical.

Not both at the same time…

…although I may have inadvertantly developed the ultimate troll persona, there.

You do realize that this post reveals something extraordinary about you?

Incidentally, IMHO you’re one of people who’s come out of the umkerfluffle looking like a good sane person.

Sane person but insanely funny. I’m not sure what tripped your standup persona but I laughed more yesterday than I ever have reading a message board and Nzinga was the cause of most of that.

Holy crap! If you were planning a staged death post, that was a good setup for it.

I don’t know if the infamous Joe Paterno/Starving Artist thread was the first or only place that you revealed this sad fact, but it served a valuable purpose there. Not that it changed SA’s mind, of course.

There are a couple of dopers who know enough about me in real life that I couldn’t possibly pull that off.

Probably my failed rescue attempt of a young girl in Lake Michigan.

But that story was easily verifiable at multiple news websites.

Nothing too exciting. Maybe the “which famous people are you closest to knowing” thread.

But I was participating in non personal threads for a long time before I posted anything personal, and even then it was mostly for pragmatic related questions.

I think this is mostly an issue for newbies.

Would someone be willing to summarize said events for those of us who are out of the loop? Inquiring minds want to know… (“Enquiring”? “Inquiring”?)

In a nutshell. More details available in ATMB, the pit and elsewhere.

Hmmm, interesting question. I can’t say exactly, but I can say I have shared things on this board, I have never shared with another human being.

It couldn’t have been anything all that interesting because I don’t get much feedback about anything interesting.