What’s with all the Blackstone griddles?

My Facebook newsfeed seems to be getting flooded with people cooking on their Blackstone griddles. AFAICT, they’re heavy duty propane griddles similar to what most cafes would have.

Does anyone have personal experience with one? The love I’m seeing is practically cultish.

Not seeing this one. Got inundated with Solo Stove ads last Christmas.

I did buy one, but not because of the ads. :grin:

That griddle looks interesting. Not sure why I can’t just drop a griddle plate on my stove or propane grill, but whatever. I’d probably love it if I had one.

Just the newest home cooking fad of the day, I’d say. Which seems odd since they’re certainly not a new cooking innovation-- greasy spoon diners have been using large flat top metal grills for decades. It is an efficient way to cook large amounts of food.

My sis and bro-in-law got one and invited us over for dinner. They made us a Benihana-style feast with Hibachi rice and various veggies and meats. It was delicious! Bro-in-law does need to work on his skills at spatula-flipping shrimp directly into our mouths, making onion volcanoes, and such though.

I have seen more outdoor gas griddles over the years and in use. My take on it is as more people get into cooking vegetables on the grill/griddle/outdoor cooking appliance the griddle becomes a more useful surface then the grate of a grill.

My BIL bought one and keeps it at my mom’s cabin. He LOVES to cook giant breakfasts for everyone - pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs. He was a cook at a truck stop cafe when he was a teenager. Apparently he’s reliving his youth!