what shall i do about my ex internet love?

I had met this guy off this internet, i had talked to him for quite sometime. Well, we had decided that we had a "love connection.“He then decides to come here and visit me for a week. Everything went great! I was more into him then ever. Then he left. All the sudden he says to me out of the blue that this cannot go on anymore,he said that"it wouldn’t work out.” So i am just like head over heels for him. I stuck now because I feel that i want him. I have my heart torn apart and i stuck now. I don’t know what to do. I tell himeveryday that i talk to him i love him. But it’s not the same cause he only sees me as a friend and no more. What should i do…pursue? Leave alone? I’m stuck. help?:confused: :eek:

Well, if he’s not feeling it, there’s really nothing you can do. Pursuing it won’t do anything, it doesn’t sound like there’s anything that would change his mind. He’s made up his mind and that’s that. That is, if I’m understanding the situation correctly.

You’ve been dumped. I’m sorry. :frowning:

Get over it. Go out with somebody else

He’s married

Who’s married, the Asian Prince or Bonita Supreme cyber-guy?

Bonita Supreme, (somebody’s going to abbreviate your name to BS, but it’s not going to be me), I feel for you, but seriously don’t torture yourself, it won’t do any good. His reasons are his own, you’re not going to change his mind, and you probably wouldn’t feel any better knowing why anyway. Move on.

Bonita Supreme, reading your post makes me feel so guilty, because I did that once. I met a guy on the internet, we were buddies for ages, and eventually became romantic. But when we met…I don’t know. It didn’t work for me. He was more into me than vice versa. But he was (and is) such an extremely good guy that I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I ended up telling him all of this over the phone after he went home (we lived 2500 miles apart). It really really really sucked. I mean, really. He thought that his trip to visit had gone so well, and that we were soulmates, while I came to realize that it wasn’t meant to be. What a mess. That was five years ago now, and it still hurts to think back to that phone call.

Anyway, don’t be too hard on the guy. Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there. Good luck.

Well let’s see…

In another thread you mentioned that you are a big girl. Maybe you were bigger than he expected or that he felt he could like, and was to afraid to tell you that because he didn’t want to hurt your feelings that way. I’ve always felt that no matter what’s going on online, the deal is either made or broken when you spend time together. YMMV.

I have to second EasyPhil. Did you exchange photos before meeting and such? Did he know you were a BigGirl[tm]?

His response that “this just isn’t going to work” sounds to me like he wasn’t expecting your size.

And like others have said… you need to move on. Forget him.

i have a cam so he saw me all the time. He said he liked bbw’s. He thought i was beautiful. He was very excited to see me. We still talk and see each other everyday on cam and he still tells me i’m beautiful. He told me i wouldn’t work cause it was so far away and that he was going to move to oregon and i was till here in illinois. He said he couldn’t deal with being away from me. But i told him that i could make it work… i guess not with him.

i guess you guys are right time to move on. live and let die. i’m single.Any man want me? j/k.

Also, if he said the distance wouldn’t work for him, that’s definitely a clincher. I know you said you could “make it work” … but you could only make it work FOR YOU. It still wouldn’t work for him. I know this primarily because I just broke up with a girl for mostly the same reason - it was just too much of a pain in the ass to be far away (in my case, not nearly as far, but still a pain) from her. The only thing that would “make it work” would be to move closer to him and that is a HUUUUUUUGE step that he’s probably not willing to take right now.

Having been in this situ before and having seen others do the same - I’d have to agree with most on this board… forget about it… plenty more male fish in the sea (and you’re the juicy worm to wriggle in and get 'em)…
Good Luck Mrs. Spock (don’t ask, it been a long night…)

All men want you. You are a goddess. Now go forth, and carry that vibe with you… :wink:


I’m with everyone else, let him go. You can’t MAKE anyone have feelings for you.

MaxTheVool, how the heck did you find that link? That is sooooooo funny.

That link was a riot, but I think the mustache and eyebrows are drawn in. I think he might be a woman! He has beautiful skin!