What should I do...

Ok fellow dopers I need your help…

I have been on a serious health kick lately concerning my food/beverage intake. Mainly cutting out refined sugars, and diet soda as well as caffeine and alcohol,… I used to have a major diet soda addiction 3-5 cans a day as well as borderline alcoholic tendencies, but for the last 2 months I have been able to avoid both of these, however, I crave carbonation quite often and wonder what would be better for me…a beer and the alcohol or a diet soda and the chemicals…before you suggest drinking a soda water of some sort don’t…I hate it I won’t drink it.

Just curious.

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There are SO many kinds of carbonated beverages now, there must be one that you can stomach. Even some fizzy water with flavoring in it? Or maybe you can create your own—say, take club soda and squeeze some fresh citrus fruit into it?

I’ve never heard of someone getting addicted to carbonation . . . Me, I hate it. I’m one of those people who shakes soda before I drink it.

There’s a drink called “clearly canadian” that is fruit flavored soda water. I DETEST soda water, but this stuff was really good.

As far as the carbonation, I completely understand. It’s hard to explain why, but I get a craving for some sort of carbonated drink and water, while good, just doesn’t cut it. that’s the main reason why I drink so much crap.

Not literally.

I don’t know, but for the love of God, put some pants on!

But my two choices are beer or diet soda, I am aware of all the sissy-ass flavored waters out there and the “natural sodas” but I am not interested, when I must bend which should I choose?

We rag tag girlies back at the hotel…
Then we all switch places when I ring the bell.

Oh, well, in that case . . . I’d still go with water flavored like sissys’ asses.

Dude, the beer wins, hands down. Like, was there ever even a doubt? :wink:

Really, though, I guess it would depend on what kind of beer you drink. If you drink Bud or Miller or some other mass produced swill, I’d say that the chemicals in it would be about as bad as the chemicals in diet soda. But if you’re drinking a small microbrew, chances are they’re using much fewer, and much higher quality, ingredients. The beer may have a lot of calories, and it obviously has alcohol, but I’d think it would be better for you than whatever is in Clear Diet Pepsi Free Lite. Hey, “beer is better for you”. I like it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Y’ever try mixing some soda water with juice? I do a half and half sorta thing with orange juice and plain soda water and it’s really good. You can also experiment - cranberry juice with lemon/lime flavored soda water (the unsweetened, just a hint of flavor kind), strawberry juice with orange soda water, etc.

Um, I’d say diet soda (Diet Dr. Pepper is the best, IMO) but that is mainly because beer is indescribably vile.

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If you are having a craving for either, that’s bad news. Stick with the water. The artificial sweetner in diet anything only makes you crave more sweets. You would be better off to just drink a regular drink as far as health-wise is concerned.
If you were borderline alcoholic, you won’t stop with one beer and I think you realize that. I’ve also never heard of anyone addicted to carbination.

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Buck, I wouldn’t worry about either if you are having them as a treat, or even regularly in moderation. If you suspect you may be an alcoholic though, it may be wise to stick with the soda, as one beer can lead to another…and another…and another. I know. :wink:

To answer your question as asked (in other words, I am ignoring the specter of alcoholism) I would have to say beer is definitely the better choice.

I would rather consume the “known evil” of alcohol than the “unknown evils” of the chemicals and artifical sweeteners.

Humans have been consuming beer-like drinks since time immemorial. We have a pretty good idea of the effects on the human body.

Artificial sweeteners, on the other hand…well, let’s just say I’d be interested in knowing what they say about Nutra-Sweet in another hundered years or so.

. . . Me, I’m still curious about which drink it is that tastes like a sissy’s ass . . .

Yeah, what he said.

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your talking about being healthy?? can you drink pepsi??

whatever for?

As much as I hate to condone abstinence (sp?), if you are a borderline alcoholic, you should probably opt for the soda. IMHO

What she said. Gotta go with the soda, if you won’t try the waters that are available.

You sing in my consciousness like a counterpoint to my life.

If the reason you’re cutting out sugar is for health-related reasons (losing weight?), then go with diet sodas.

Beer has more calories and more fat in it than regular ensugarated (shut up! It’s a word now!) canned carbonated beverages.

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Joe Cool

Joe, Joe, Joe. Apparently you haven’t read this story on the nutritional value of beer.


'Nuff said.